Dyson DC54 Review–the vacuum cleaner without the dust filter. Does it matter?

Dyson DC54 Review – In case you haven’t heard or seen the advertisements yet, the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner, Dyson DC54, features the only vacuum cleaner in the world that doesn’t need a dust filter to perform.

Honestly, why is this so important and why did Dyson spend $11.5 million over 6 years for this? And why should you be bothered having such a machine?

Dyson DC54 Review

Dyson DC54 Review- Packaging

front packagingback packaging

DC54 packaging contents

Dyson DC54 Review- No dust filter, why does it matter?

The unit

Traditional vacuum cleaners are required to have filters inside the unit to make sure that dust and dirt are trapped while expelling the air out from the machine. We’ve also seen lots of companies (including Dyson) promoting machines with HEPA filters that will trap even smaller particles (such as pollen), making sure you breathe cleaner air.

Now, cheap vacuum cleaners unfortunately expel fine dust into the air while vacuuming – if you ever sneeze while using one, this is the reason why. I also knew some people used a handkerchief to cover their nose while vacuuming. First of all, why bother cleaning a house if the cleaner expels even worse, smaller, particles that can easily get into your lungs?

Now, as good as HEPA filters may sound, they (and non HEPA filters) are required to be washed by the end of the day to ensure they don’t get clogged. And they will. Once they do, suction power will be reduced until you clean the filters out. You may not notice this too much until it gets really clogged. And that’s bad.

I honestly never washed my vacuum cleaners’ filters. I’ve even subscribed to Dyson’s monthly email reminders to wash my filter – but hey, laziness and ignorance made me drag the notification emails into my trash. Washing filters is tedious and more often than not, a few months have passed before we wash the filter out. This is long enough for the machine to lose its suction power.

So, by removing the “customer behavior” equation of having a filter that can tamper with the machine airflow, Dyson has managed to invent a new vacuum cleaner that will never ever lose suction. Why now? Because it’s not as easy as it may sound to remove it. I’m not going to explain how this can be achieved because you can read my article on the DC54 and Dyson Cinetic cyclones technology or by reading it yourself on the Dyson’s page.

The official Dyson DC54 video is also worth a watch:

In the end, for those that rarely (or never) wash their dust filter, this new innovation will definitely make a big difference in the long run.

Dyson DC54 Review- Design and Features

front look

Dyson DC54 is a barrel vacuum cleaner, like the Dyson DC39 I reviewed back in 2011. It also features the Dyson Ball design where all the parts are within the ball, allowing you to steer the unit easily. Vacuuming with older non-Dyson barrel vacuum cleaners feels like dragging a heavy bag on the carpet. Not with this.

cablecable retracted

Most of the time, you can focus on vacuuming while the DC54 follows you closely from behind. It is also easy to steer around table legs and edges of a furniture.

There are a few models available for you to buy: DC54 Multi Floor, DC54 Allergy, DC54 Animal, and DC54 Animal Pro. They differ mostly in the attachments that you get from a model (for example, the Mattress tool is only available on the Allergy model). Be sure to check out all of the Dyson DC54 range.

attachment 1attachment 2brush bartools

As always, Dyson vacuum cleaners never disappoint me. The DC54 is a beast in sucking dirt and dust, both on carpet and tiles/hard floors.

The latest carbon fibre turbine head (on the Animal and Allergy models) works wonders in delivering one of the strongest suction I’ve ever experienced. It has additional strips underneath to pick up more dirt (and hairs), though as a result, it adds more friction to vacuum on my flat pile carpet. Dyson was kind of enough to supply me with an extra Musclehead floor tool (found on the Multi Floor model) and my experience got better afterwards. If you have pets at home, however, I’d still recommend grabbing the Animal model for the highest suction possible.

The rest of the machine seems to have a similar design like the previous barrel models: durable dust canister made with the same material as riot shields, one touch button to open the canister and to empty “the evil” (dust and dirt, that is) within, and extendable wand.

detach buttondetached canister

release button

The wand and handle can be detached so you can plug tools directly on these to clean harder-to-reach places (such as between the sofa or next to your bed). There is also a handy suction release trigger on the handle, allowing you to clean rugs without them sticking on the cleaner.

wandwand extended

Satisfaction for owning a Dyson vacuum cleaner comes by taking a glance at the result:

dirt inside canister

Dyson DC54 Review – Conclusion

Dyson DC54 with no dust filter

Dyson just can’t stop innovating. This time, they have spent lots of effort and money into making a vacuum cleaner that will never lose suction. This is also beneficial for us because we’ll never have to wash and maintain those pesky filters anymore. The Dyson DC54 is again a solid barrel vacuum cleaner, featuring similar design that Dyson users have loved.
Is it worth upgrading to the DC54 though? I myself prefer to use their Upright models (like the DC41 or DC50) as it is easier to steer around. At the moment though, there is no word whether they will get an upgrade with the new cyclone technology. Somehow I’m sure they will (along with the cordless, portable models), but don’t hold my word on this yet.

If you never have a Dyson vacuum cleaner before, then the DC54 is definitely worth to get. If you already have an older Dyson model and happy to wash the filter frequently, then you may want to hold a bit. Unless of course, if you have the money and want the latest & greatest.

Disclosure: Dyson DC54 review sample was sponsored for the review. Opinions are 100% mine.

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