This cute car can actually drive on its own without a driver

Google self driving car

First of all, yes, that’s a car. It’s a car designed by Google and.. no driver is necessary. In fact, there is no steering wheel, accelerator, or even a brake. This cute car is a self-driving car so you can just hop in with a friend or partner and raise your hands in the air.

This Google’s self driving car is real. Prototypes are already out there and there are even real people testing it out. Check the video below:

At a push of a button, the car will take you where you want to go and you don’t even need to break a single sweat. Well, except for the first few sessions as you are trying to figure out whether you will make it back in one piece.

Thanks to all the sensors and technologies in the car, this car can actually drive safer than you can. After all, we sometimes forget the blind spot while we are making a turn, make a fail judgment, get distracted easily, and more.

These prototypes are also locked at 25 mph (about 40 km/h) and will have manual controls. Obviously, safety is the main concern of this driverless cars so it’s great that Google takes it seriously.

Not for long now folks, where drinking and driving won’t make you an idiot. Will you be buying one of these cars? I can’t wait to see the pedestrians’ faces while I’m making a hard turn with my both hands in the air.

Source: Google Blog

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