Google Pixel 8 Pro is now the first smartphone with built-in AI and also the first phone running Google’s Gemini Nano

Google has unveiled Gemini, its most powerful and versatile AI model yet. Available in three sizes (Ultra, Pro, and Nano), Gemini is designed to run on everything from data centers to your smartphone. The Google Pixel 8 Pro (check our review if you haven’t) now becomes the first phone powered by Gemini Nano, their most efficient model built specifically for on-device tasks.

With Gemini Nano, the Pixel 8 Pro delivers two exciting new features:

  • Summarise in Recorder: Get a concise summary of your recorded conversations, interviews, presentations, and more, even without an internet connection.
  • Smart Reply in Gboard (Developer Preview): Save time and effort with relevant and high-quality response suggestions powered by on-device AI. Available now in WhatsApp, with more apps coming next year.

Pixel 8 Pro: Capture Memories More Vividly with AI-powered Photos and Videos

  • Video Boost: Upload your videos to the cloud and let the AI models enhance colour, lighting, stabilisation, and reduce graininess for stunning, life-like results.
  • Night Sight Video: Capture rich detail and vibrant colors in low-light videos with AI-powered noise reduction.
  • Timelapse Videos After Dark: Pixel 8 and 8 Pro now let you record vibrant, detailed timelapse videos in low-light using Night Sight.
  • Improved Portrait Light: Balance harsh shadows and enhance your portraits, both new and old, with an AI-powered model in Google Photos.
  • Photo Unblur Upgrade: Capture sharper images of your furry friends with improved Dog and Cat detection. Photo Unblur still refocuses faces and backgrounds for perfect photos in a tap.

Increased Productivity and Convenience with New Pixel Features

  • High-Quality Video Calls: Use your Pixel 6 or later phone for crisp and vibrant video calls by connecting it to your laptop or desktop via USB.
  • Clean Document Scans: Remove smudges, stains, and creases from scanned documents with a simple swipe in the Camera app.
  • Passkey Support: Google Password Manager helps you identify and add passkeys for supported accounts with ease.
  • Repair Mode: Keep your personal data safe and protected even when your Pixel is in for repair.
  • Pixel Watch Unlock: Unlock your Pixel phone with your Pixel Watch when it’s nearby, even if you have gloves on or your face isn’t recognised.
  • Spatial Audio on Pixel Tablet: Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and shows with spatial audio support. Pair your Pixel Buds Pro for an even more immersive experience.

Personalisation and Customisation Options

  • Weather and Clock: Wake up knowing what to expect with weather conditions and daily forecasts added to the World Clock tab in the Clock app and widgets.
  • New Pixel Watch Features: Sync Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Modes between your Pixel phone and first-gen Pixel Watch. Enjoy new watch faces and updated complication styles.

These are just some of the exciting new features coming to Pixel devices with the latest update. With Gemini Nano powering on-device AI and a range of other improvements, Pixel devices are becoming even more helpful, productive, and personalised than ever before.

Check the official blog post here.

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