CORSAIR Unveils the K70 CORE Gaming Keyboards with New CORSAIR MLX Red Mechanical Switches

CORSAIR rolls out its latest innovation in keyboards – the K70 CORE. Premiering with the cutting-edge CORSAIR MLX Red linear mechanical switches, the K70 CORE embodies sophistication in a standard-sized format, ensuring a top-notch gaming and typing experience for all, from the casual gamer to the competitive esports enthusiast.

K70 CORE takes a leap with its CORSAIR MLX Red linear switches, offering an instantaneous response that’s a joy for both gamers and keyboard aficionados. These switches, boasting pre-lubrication from the factory, promise a smooth keystroke every time, minimising any stem wobble. Joining the acclaimed CORSAIR OPX optical and MGX magnetic switches, the MLX Red offers another exceptional choice in CORSAIR’s unique mechanical switch collection.

Furthermore, dual layers of elite sound-dampening foam surround these switches, ensuring you’re immersed in your game without distracting key noises. The result? A quiet, tactile response that enriches your gaming experience.

CORSAIR K70 CORE has intuitive volume control and the multi-functional rotary dial on the keyboard offers versatility – from adjusting RGB intensity and webpage scrolling to zoom functions. Sitting adjacent to the dial, a dedicated button makes media management a breeze. With CORSAIR iCUE software integration, the K70 CORE opens up a realm of customisation, from RGB lighting effects and macro creation to key remapping.

Design-wise, the K70 CORE doesn’t skimp on durability. Nestled within a solid aluminum top plate, the CORSAIR Red switches are crowned with sturdy double-shot keycaps, ensuring longevity even in the most intense gaming marathons.

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CORSAIR K70 CORE Availability, Warranty, and Pricing

The latest CORSAIR K70 CORE gaming keyboard is now available via the CORSAIR online store and its global network of trusted e-tailers and distributors. Coming with a two-year warranty, the CORSAIR K70 CORE gaming keyboard is further supported by CORSAIR’s worldwide customer service and tech assistance.

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