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Chrome Extensions coming.. REALLY soon

Google Chrome Extensions Jigsaw Puzzle

I was playing around again with my Google Chrome just now and noticed that on the Developer Channel (version, a new “jigsaw puzzle” image appearing on the bottom right corner. There was also a notice at the bottom of the browser:

“New! Google Chrome now has extensions and bookmark sync”

Even though we’ve seen the Extensions menu before on Google Chrome, there was never a clearer indication than this, that Google Chrome Extensions’ coming is imminent!

The extensions and jigsaw puzzle link to https://chrome.google.com/extensions but at this stage, it’s just being forwarded to the Google homepage. What a bummer!

If you are already on the Developer channel, you can play around with some Google Chrome Extension samples (which are not very exciting at this stage yet):

  • Google Mail Checker
  • Subscribe in Feed Reader
  • BuildBot monitor

It won’t be long for the official ones then. Let’s hope that it comes quicker than we thought. How to switch to Google Chrome Developer channel?