Check your internal pages PageRank

I was playing around looking for my blog’s PageRank, hoping somehow that it’ll go up by itself lol. I found a site,, that has a tool to display all of your pages ranking (PageRank) on screen.

It’s worth having a look to find out how your pages are ranked in Google Search.
Upon an inspection on my technology blog (this one), I found a few PR 4 on some pages, which surprised me a bit (since my root site only has a PR of 1 at the moment)

Internal Pages PageRank

One thing that bothers me though, those pages URL structure were the old ones, as I have changed my permalink structure a few weeks earlier to a new URL structure.

Upon checking on my current page structure, the PageRank has become “unranked” :| Now what does this mean? I thought if we use a “301 Redirect”, all of the PageRanks will be carried forward to the new structure?

I’m not an SEO Expert but hoping that one of you can shed some light here.

I also thought that if my pages have good ranks, my site domain will also get a bit of rank boost?

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