Go Duster Review

Go DusterNo, it’s not Ghost Buster, but “Go Duster”. What’s a Go Duster? It’s an electronic duster, powered by batteries to make your life of cleaning your house easier. Since I have a dust allergy, I need to clean up my room quite often (ideally), so I thought to give it a go and share my experience about it here.

So, moms (and non-moms), have a look at what Go Duster can and can’t do to your house cleaning chores.
PS: Even if you are not interested in reading this, the last video on this post still worth a look!

To have a feeling on what it’s supposed to be doing, check the TV commercial below:

Go Duster is spinning at a very high speed and according to the technical spec, it’s supposed to create an electro static magnetic field of some sort that will pick up surrounding dusts. With the help of its “magic” spray, more dusts should be attracted to it while it’s operated.

So does it work?

Err yes and no. In my experience, it does make your dusting work as simple as a walk in the park! You only need to turn it on and move it to whatever you want to clean, such as your desk, cupboard, blinds, book shelves, speakers, etc.

It does make dusting so easy and fun! I can certainly see the dusts gone from my computer desk when I started using it. Dusting hard-to-reach places are so much easier too. I usually had to use a damp cloth to clean everything everywhere.


Instead of grabbing the dusts, Go Duster actually blows the dust everywhere :(  It may grab some dusts alright, but most amounts of dusts are flying around everywhere once I start dusting with it.

Now it may be alright, since you can just vacuum your carpet or sweep the floor afterwards. However, being allergic to dust, I can sense my eyes getting watery and breathing heavier while using Go Duster.

If you or a member of your family is allergic to dust, you may need to re-think of using Go Duster. However, if you waste so many time wiping and cleaning dusts in your house, then Go Duster is what you need. You’ll just have to stay away from the flying dusts, wait until the dusts have fallen to the floor, and vacuum them.

Since it’s quite cheap, it’s worth a try. If you have no dust allergy then Go Duster is worth it. If you still find it useless (which I’m sure you don’t), you can always use it for something else such as this:

If you spend hours of dusting your house (especially if it’s a large one) and you’re not allergic to dust, then I highly recommend using Go Duster!

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