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Weekend Fun: Interactive zombie movies

Hell Pizza (New Zealand based) has an interesting advertisement strategy with "Choose your own adventure" zombie movies. You basically watch a short movie (quite...

Weekend Fun: Pictures taken at the right angle 2

Two years ago, I posted some nice photos taken at the right angle, this is the second part (got some of them in my...
Cyanide and Happiness - Fish in sea

Weekend Fun: When your heart is broken..

Found a funny piece of comic strip. Hope it makes your day :) Have a good weekend! More Cyanide and Happiness Comic strips
Flash animator vs animation

Weekend Fun: Flash animator vs animation

This is a funny Flash animation about a fight between the Flash animator/designer and the animation (the Flash object). Quite cool and funny but...

Weekend fun: Husband and Wife Jokes

Weekend fun: Husband and Wife Jokes - Got some funny jokes in my email inbox and I thought I'd share it with you here....

Weekend fun: A cat betrayed his girlfriend…..

I laughed so far while watching this. Whoever put the subtitle into the movie deserves a clap :D Make sure you watch it, it's...