You can now download and play Hearthstone on an iPad!


As of today, Blizzard has finally announced the availability of Hearthstone, its free and popular strategy card game, to the iPad. Blizzard has made it clear that they were developing an app for the iPad but they only told us that the app release would be in weeks. And we all know Blizzard never release anything until it is ready (Or “when it’s done”).

Wait no more, Hearthstone players, you can grab Hearthstone on the iPad today – assuming you live in Australia (woohoo!), Canada, or New Zealand. The rest of the world will have to wait, though not for long, according to Blizzard’s official blog post about Hearthstone for iPad launch.

The experience will be similar to the one on the PC. Meaning, you will have access to all your card collections, decks, and all that. So, you can play at home on your desktop and then switch to the iPad on-the-go some time later to keep on playing Hearthstone.

heartstone cards

I wish there is one for the iPhone so I can play while waiting for a public transport to come or just to kill time when I’m out about. An iPhone screen is too small though for playing Hearthstone (or Magic The Gathering). Maybe we are going to see Hearthstone on iPhone 6 later? One can only hope.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone yet, it’s worth a look. It’s free anyway (assuming you don’t buy the packs with money).

Download Hearthstone for iPad (iTunes Australia) | Or go to App Store and search for it.

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