BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels Review – Harness that free energy!

BLUETTI PV200 Review – I love my BLUETTI EB70 and AC60 Portable Power Stations. They are excellent for outdoor camping and activities, and they also serve as reliable backup power at home during power outages, which are thankfully rare in Melbourne. They can easily be charged through the included power cable but it would be challenging to find a power socket in the wilderness.

Sure, you can try to find a cafe or restaurant nearby, but if you have these BLUETTI PV200 solar panels, you probably don’t need to anymore. I tested the panels with the BLUETTI AC60, and they effectively charged the unit when the sun was out in Melbourne.

BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels Review – Packaging Contents

The PV200 comes well-packaged and is designed to be foldable, complete with a handle for easy carrying. The cable is built into the unit as well and can be stowed away safely inside the storage pouch, also built-in.

BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels Review – Design and Features

The first thing that struck me about the BLUETTI PV200 is its excellent design. Everything is very well thought of by the design team. The PV200 is like this soft briefcase (weighing around 7.3 kg) that you can carry around with just one hand easily, and expanded into four units of solar panels later.

There are also three adjustable legs that can make the solar panes sit on an angle of up to 45 degrees (and a few 5 degree adjustments), giving you the best position to capture that energy from the sun. The design on the legs is smart as well, leaving them flat when not used.

Inside the pouch, you’ll find two power cables, one black and one red, which can be attached to compatible BLUETTI portable power stations like the AC60. Simply match the colours up and you’re good to go.

These 200W solar panels can convert up to 23.4% of sunlight into solar energy so you should still be able to get some power even if it’s a bit cloudy. And even when it is a 200W solar panel system, it is quite challenging to be able to get 200W input power out of it. During my tests, I could get around 183W of power during a bright, sunny day here in Melbourne a few days ago. That’s actually still amazing.

This power can be used to charge the BLUETTI AC60 while you plug your appliances, or even electric scooters and devices on the AC60. So technically, you will be harnessing the power of the sun straight into these devices and appliances. However, when it gets cloudy, the PV200’s output drops, as is to be expected with solar panels. So, assuming you get really good sun in the sky and position these panels correctly, you should be able to fully charge the AC60 within 3 hours. That’s not bad at all.

Moreover, these solar panels are not at all bulky to carry, thanks to the design team’s craftsmanship. I’m utterly impressed.

When plugged to the BLUETTI AC60, I can see the solar charging icon on the top left of the screen and you can also check the input power you get from the solar charging.

BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels Review Conclusion

The BLUETTI PV200 is an impressive piece of work. It has a really well-thought of design, in terms of portability and efficiency. Rather than having to carry big chunks of solar panels, the team makes them into flat, foldable panels. The adjustable legs are similar and while they may not be as sturdy as wooden or metal legs, they are good enough if you lie them on the ground. They may not withstand very windy and stormy conditions, but you’re unlikely to get much sun on those days anyway.

It also has an excellent power output and being able to see the numbers on a BLUETTI portable power station like the AC60 means you can adjust the solar panels’ angle and position to maximise capturing the sun’s energy.

With the PV200, you can power your appliances and devices all day when the sun is out, or keep your portable power station fully charged, no matter where you are.

BLUETTI PV200 retails for A$819 (although there is A$120 sale at the moment on BLUETTI website).

Disclosure: BLUETTI PV200 review sample was supplied for reviewing

BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels Review


The BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels offer a well-designed, portable, and efficient solution for charging your portable, BLUETTI power stations on the go, delivering impressive power output even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.


  • Excellent design
  • Easy to carry, easy to setup
  • Excellent output


  • Stands can be flimsy on uneven surface or windy days
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