Logitech Unveils New Ergonomic Keyboards to Improve Comfort and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Logitech just launched its Wave Keys and Wave Keys for Business—innovative wireless ergonomic keyboards engineered to boost comfort and overall well-being during prolonged desk usage. The keyboards feature a distinctive wave design and a built-in cushioned palm rest, specifically developed to offer a comfortable typing experience without requiring users to change their typing habits. The release comes as a response to the rising demand for ergonomic solutions, expected to grow by 4.6% over the next seven years, as reported by market research firm RationalStat.

Designed to promote natural hand and wrist positions, Wave Keys incorporate an integrated cushioned palm rest, ensuring support throughout the workday. The keyboard is available in two classic color schemes—Graphite and Off-White—to match any home or office environment.

Adhering to Logitech’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Wave Keys is a carbon-neutral product. The keyboard’s packaging uses FSC-certified paper, and its plastic components are made of certified post-consumer recycled material—61% for the Graphite version and 46% for Off-White.

The keyboard offers multi-device compatibility and can connect to Mac, PC, and iPad via Bluetooth or the included Logi BOLT receiver for added security. Users can effortlessly switch between up to three devices with a single tap. The Logi Options+ App further enhances the user experience, allowing customisation of productivity shortcuts and time-saving Smart Actions.

Wave Keys joins Logitech’s ERGO Series, a line of products focused on workplace well-being. The keyboard has undergone extensive user testing at Logitech’s Ergo Lab and is endorsed by US Ergonomics.

For businesses focused on staff well-being, Wave Keys for Business is the ideal ergonomic keyboard choice. It employs Logi Bolt secure wireless technology for dependable connectivity and is designed to meet stringent enterprise security standards. Logi Bolt allows IT departments to easily deploy and manage keyboards across global teams using Logitech Sync. The Logi Options+ App is also available for company-wide deployment to customize user experiences.

Availability and Pricing

Wave Keys will be available in Graphite and Off-White starting from October 13, 2023, on the Logitech website and at select retailers for a recommended retail price of AU$149.95. Wave Keys for Business in Graphite will be released in November 2023, also priced at AU$149.95, and can be purchased via the Logitech website and authorised resellers.

It’s an interesting release for sure. The last ergonomic keyboard I reviewed from Logitech was the Logitech Ergo K860 back in 2021.

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