Blue Light Glasses: Why you should wear them while gaming

Note: This is a guest post written by Dan Martin – All of us have different hobbies and passions. Some have a passion for playing online games. They enjoy playing with other people on virtual platforms, allowing them to socialize and increase their strategy-making. Playing online games requires thinking skills to plan and defeat the opposing team. 

Gamers use their eyes, hands, and brains while playing. Therefore, it only makes sense for them to take care of these body parts that allow them to play. If you are wondering how players can care for their eyes, one way is to wear blue light glasses to protect their precious eyes while gaming. 

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What Are Blue Light Glasses and How Do They Protect Your Eyes?

Gaming screens produce blue light which can be very straining to your eyes when exposed for a long time. This is where the purpose of blue light glasses comes in. Blue light glasses have a special coating that blocks the blue light emitted by your computer screens. They can be clear or tinted yellow. It is said that glasses with a yellow tint can block a higher percentage of blue light emitted. There are a lot of prescription sports glasses online so take into consideration the percentage of blue light your glasses can block. 

Why Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses While Gaming?

Blue light glasses can help you more than you think. If you want to buy blue light glasses but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, there are a lot of websites including sportrx that offer prescription sport glasses online. Have a look at the following reasons that can help you decide for yourself if you need blue light glasses or not.  

  1. Blue Light Glasses Reduce Eye Strain

Blue light glasses, as you can devise from the previous paragraphs, help protect your eyes. This is because blue light may not directly affect your sight but it can contribute to future eye problems from prolonged exposure to your computer screens. 

Blue light glasses help reduce eye strain. Staring and playing for a long time can strain your eyes. Wearing blue light glasses can reduce this strain and help you prevent glare. Reduced eye strain, in return, provides comfort while you play games. They also provide comfort to people who read and work with screens all day. This comfort has been supported by anecdotal stories of patients who wear blue light glasses while working or playing. 

  1. Blue Light Glasses Help You Get Better Sleep

Another reason that you should wear blue light glasses is that they help with getting better sleep. If you are a gamer having a hard time getting sleep, then getting prescription sport glasses could help you. 

This is because blue light from the sun can suppress melatonin allowing us to be awake. Prolonged exposure to TV, smartphones, and computers that emit blue light can also hinder us from sleeping. However, this can be addressed by using blue light glasses. Studies have shown that using your prescription sport glasses a few hours before you go to sleep can help with light-induced melatonin suppression, allowing you to get better quality sleep. 

After looking at the benefits of using blue light glasses above, you should now ask yourself if you need one. They are helpful in a lot of ways and investing in the best safety prescription glasses would not be a waste of money. Look at the next paragraph if you want blue light glasses of your own. 

What Should I Look For in Gaming Glasses?

After looking at the benefits of using blue light glasses while you are gaming, it is now time for you to purchase your glasses. There are a lot of options for you when it comes to your prescription sport glasses. This is protection for your eyes that we are talking about, so you should examine the glasses and think about it carefully before buying them. 

You might want to consider the following in choosing the best safety prescription glasses from different platforms available:

  • The percentage of blue light blocked by the glasses – As mentioned earlier, yellow-tinted glasses block a higher percentage of blue light emitted by your screens rather than clear ones. If you want to block a high percentage of blue light, then yellow-tinted glasses might be the best choice for you. 
  • Face shape – You should also consider your face shape because different glass frames fit different face shapes. If you have an oval face, D-frame glasses would look good on you. For people with square-shaped faces, a good way to start is to pick rimless and semi-rimless styles. People with heart-shaped faces, which is considered the most versatile face shape, can get winged-out frames. 
  • Material which the glasses are made of –  If you want your glasses to last longer, picking the right material for it should also be a part of your decision-making. Glasses that are made from TR90 nylon are said to be of great quality as these glasses are made for strength, memory retention, and flexibility. If you want that kind of glasses, consider getting one made with TR90 nylon.

Now that you are aware of the things that you should look for in choosing your blue light glasses, it is best to take note of these tips as they can help you get the best value for your money. You want to get the best blue light glasses for your eyes as they are precious to you and for your overall well-being. 

Wrap it Up 

Gamers use their eyes all the time. They spend a lot of time in front of their screens. It is only right that they should take care of their eyes. Taking care of their eyes will allow them to play a lot longer and can help prevent further damage to their eyes because of the blue light emitted by their computer screens. 

If you are a gamer and wondering how you could protect your eyes, then the answer would be wearing blue light glasses while playing. This is because blue light glasses have a coating in them that helps block the light and also,studies revealed that blue light glasses can also help improve your sleep quality. 

There are 3 things you should consider when choosing the best online prescription glasses for you. The first one would be the amount of blue light you want to be blocked as yellow-tinted glasses block a higher percentage of light than clear ones. The second one would be your face shape as different frames and fit different shapes and finally, the material the glasses are made of. If you want your glasses to last for a long time, consider getting one made with TR90 nylon. 

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