Blizzard Hearthstone’s latest updates includes 35 new collectible card Wailing Caverns Mini-Set

Hearthstone’s next update hits the server today. It includes the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set which consists of 35 new collectible card and they can be purchased using the in-game gold (2000 Gold) or $19.95 AUD. The cards are varied also and available to all the hero classes.

There are lots of great cards and advanced synergies that you can use with your current deck (or creating new decks). For example, the new Mage cards will have great synergies with Frozen decks.

Book of Mercenaries: Xyrella is available now and is the second chapter in a FREE ten-part serialised story. Completing the priest Xyrella story will also reward you 1 Priest Pack, containing Priest cards from Standard.

The next update is on June 16 which will introduce Book of Mercenaries: Guff Runetotem. Book of Mercenaries: Guff is the third chapter and completing this linear adventure will reward 1 Druid Pack, containing only Druid cards from Standard.

And last but not least, June 23 update will introduce Book of Heroes: Malfurion. Completing the adventure will reward 1 Druid pack, containing only Druid cards from Standard.

Apart from those, the new update brings plenty of bug fixes and updates as well to the game core. And if you wish you purchased a certain hero skin in the past and didn’t, the 20.4 patch make 94 Card Backs and 11 Hero Skins back available for grabs.

The Card Backs will be available for either 500 or 600 Gold, while Hero Skins will be available for either 1200 or 1800 Gold (previously you had to pay using real money). A kind offer and thankfully I have about 10,000 gold in reserve.

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