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Belkin cases

Belkin Samsung Galaxy SII cases – Samsung Galaxy SII is a great, slim, and lightweight smartphone (review coming soon) and as such, it is best to get a case that is not bulky yet good enough to protect it from bumps and scratches. Belkin has a wide range of Samsung Galaxy SII cases available but we’ll have a look at the Belkin Shield Micra and Belkin Grip Vue in this post.

The Belkin Shield Micra and Belkin Grip Vue are available for iPhone 4 too, in which I had reviewed earlier.

Belkin Shield Micra for Samsung Galaxy SII

Belkin Shield Micra for Samsung Galaxy SII caseBelkin Shield Micra for Samsung Galaxy SII case - back

Belkin Shield Micra is a translucent screen with polycarbonate design. It comes with 3 different colors:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Overcast (Clear)

The sample that I have is the Black version and it matches the color of the Samsung Galaxy SII well. The case blends pretty nicely and it doesn’t look like it’s actually in a case, apart from the shiny-surface look.


Belkin Shield Micra is slim and lightweight – it doesn’t add too much weight which makes this one of the best cases to use if you are not the type who often drops your phone.

Belkin Shield Micra

The surface is a little bit slippery (due to the material) which makes it great to slip in and out of your pockets easily. Gripping is not, though, but that’s what Belkin Grip Vue is for (more on that later).

The case has the right cut-offs to the buttons, ports, and jacks. I like how Belkin Shield Micra doesn’t actually cover the buttons (such as the power and volume buttons). The design makes it easier to press these buttons without any extra force and they maintain the aesthetic look of the phone nicely.

Belkin Shield Micra for Samsung Galaxy SII - buttonsBelkin Shield Micra for Samsung Galaxy SII - ports

The design is minimal, which I like – simply because it shows the Samsung Galaxy SII’s sexiness and does not cover unnecessary surface too much. The cut-out for the camera is good too and stylish.

Unfortunately, Belkin Shield Micra “stores” your finger prints (though can easily be wiped) and also very easy to get minor scratches. Even after using it for a few days, I could already see the scratches on the surface. The scratches are not really that visible unless under a  direct sun light (or lamp) and only if you watch it up close.

Belkin Shield Micra scratches

Among the other Belkin cases, however, I choose the Belkin Shield Micra as my case of choice, simply because it’s the slimmest and doesn’t take away the aesthetic of the phone too much.

Belkin Grip Vue for Samsung Galaxy SII

Belkin Grip Vue for Samsung Galaxy SII caseBelkin Grip Vue  for Samsung Galaxy SII case - back

Unlike the Belkin Shield Micra, the Belkin Grip Vue case for Samsung Galaxy SII is more “grip-able”, thanks to the TPU (ThermoPlastic Polyurethane) material. It’s non-slippery yet feels smooth. It’s somewhat like a rubber but more durable. The material is also scratch resistant and finger-print free.

Belkin Grip Vue for Samsung Galaxy SII case

The sample I got is also the Black version, although there is another Clear version if you are not into dark and gloomy case :)

Unlike the Shield Micra, the Grip Vue covers the volume and power button but thankfully, they are not hard to register even after they are covered with the case material. There are cut-outs for the speakers, ports, and camera too.

Belkin Grip Vue for Samsung Galaxy SII portsBelkin Grip Vue for Samsung Galaxy SII cameras

Overall, Belkin Grip Vue is a nice TPU material case for the Samsung Galaxy SII. It is a much better material (and also in terms of look) than a silicone-based material case. There is no way for you to accidentally drop your phone while you slide the phone out of your pocket with the Belkin Grip Vue. It’s that grippy! Well, okay, unless if you are super clumsy.

Note: Belkin cases for Samsung Galaxy SII provided for the review

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