Belkin Grip Vue for iPhone 4 review

Belkin Grip Vue review - iPhone 4

Having problems of your iPhone 4 slipped away from your hands many times? I had, in the past. There was one occasion where I literally threw my iPhone 4 when I tried to pick up a phone call. It fell on the tram’s stairs making a sound louder than my scream. That’s when I decided to find a case for my iPhone 4.

The Belkin Grip Vue is designed to give you the best gripping experience on your iPhone 4 and plenty of protection should your iPhone 4 falls on the floor.

It is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material so it is light, flexible, yet has good shock absorption. Putting the Grip Vue on my iPhone 4 was relatively easy, thanks to the material. Once it’s on, the case is pretty sturdy and unless you really want to, it will not come off by itself.

The Belkin Grip Vue is designed to be semi-transparent so you can still see the iPhone 4 body although the back of the case is not as clear as the sides.

Belkin Grip Vue review - case 2Belkin Grip Vue review - case

The case gives good amount of protection to the iPhone 4 exterior (apart from the screen) and I’m really comfortable now in placing my iPhone 4 on any surface, knowing that the case will protect it from any unknown objects or dirt on the surface.

The case also covers the buttons on the iPhone 4, such as the wake/standby and the volume control buttons. This is good in a way as the case keeps them protected from scratches too. However, because of this, you need to use more force to press these buttons. Since you’ll be most likely pressing that wake/standby button many times, this might take some time to get used to or can be annoying at first.

There is also a problem with the case causing my iPhone 4’s screen protector to bubble. I’m not sure whether the type of screen protector or the way I applied my screen protector causes this to happen. I don’t get the same issue with Belkin Shield Eclipse, which I’m reviewing too at the moment.

Belkin Grip Vue review - Bubbles

Belkin Grip Vue has cut-offs on certain areas such as around the camera, speakers, microphones, audio jack, ring/mute, and also for the cable to recharge and connect.


Another issue to mention is that case is quite thick in a way that it’s not really easy to toggle the ring/mute switch. Although I found that I didn’t need to have a long nail to do it, it still required a bit of effort to toggle the switch (I need to use my finger in perpendicular angle to the surface to successfully toggle it).

Belkin Grip Vue review - case 3IMG_4664

Overall, the Grip Vue for iPhone 4 is a nice clear TPU material case from Belkin. Its thickness provides a good amount of protection from bumps and scratches alike. It improves your grip on the slippery iPhone 4 yet covers the whole surface of the phone, including the buttons for maximum protection. This comes at a price though because it requires you to press deeper on the buttons for them to register.

Note: Sample unit was provided for the review.

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