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Apple WWDC 2012: iOS 6!

Macbook Pro

I also need to mention the faster processor MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina Display (yummy!!!) and also the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion (the next OS for Mac). The WWDC today unveiled these exciting product line-ups and also iOS 6 (which I’m a bit disappointed about).

iOS 6

iOS 6

iOS 6 new features:

  • Apple’s own Maps, to replace Google Maps
    It’s a complete turn-based navigation app with voice, interactive 3D views, and real-time traffic information. It’s a great feature and we all love to hear turn based navigational voice system. Unfortunately it does not have the public transport details like Google Maps (which I really like, because I can see which trams are running on the road I’m about to go to)
  • Facebook Integration
    Integration to the most popular social network and I love this. You can auto sync your contacts with Facebook (to auto update the address, etc) and also to post photos directly to Facebook from Photos. Though there are already apps that sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone contacts such as SmartSync.
  • Siri
    You can now ask more from Siri such as latest scores (Sports), restaurant reviews (from Yelp), and more. Unfortunately, due to my English accent, I use Siri less and less. Not to mention that these new features are most likely work in the U.S but not in Australia.
  • Passbook
    You can store your loyalty cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, and more in Passbook. Again, cool concept – but most likely only work in the U.S, sigh.
  • FaceTime over 3G
    I don’t do FaceTime (maybe because most of my friends are too shy) but it would be great to have this option now.
  • Send auto reply when rejecting a call and also a do not disturb scheduling
    I don’t normally send a text when I reject a call (don’t find a need to) but it’s a great addition I guess if you are in a meeting or something (so you can quickly let the caller know).
    The Do not disturb is also an interesting feature as I can set it every Sunday at 10:30 so no one can disturb me while I’m at church (though no one normally did anyway).
  • Other features – you can read it yourself over at iOS 6 page

I said that I was a bit disappointed before, maybe because I was expecting some kind of an interface overhaul. Or at least a sexier home screen or lock screen. Instead, it’s the same old iOS with updated apps (or am I the only one that thinks that way?).

I love iOS 6, don’t get me wrong. Maybe because of the big version jump, I was expecting to be as excited as when iOS 5 came out.


Are you excited with the iOS 6? And oh, if you want to see the whole WWDC 2012 event, you can watch it online from Apple Events video page.

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