Apple iOS 15 Public Beta (and iPadOS 15 Public Beta) is out and you can download + install iOS 15 now


Apple iOS 15 update is kinda meh to some but if you really want to give it a try before it’s official out, you now can. Apple has just released iOS 15 Public Beta for you to download and install on your iPhone.

How to download and install iOS 15 Public Beta? Simply go to Apple’s Beta Software Program using Safari on your iPhone, sign up or sign in, and enrol your device to the beta. You should then be able to instantly download the Beta Profile on your device.

After you download the Beta Profile on your device, go to Settings -> General -> Profile and make sure you see “iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 Beta Software Profile…” and Install it.

Then, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to start downloading and installing iOS 15 Public Beta (it’s on iOS 15 Public Beta 2 when I installed it). It’s about 5.3GB in size to download, so hang in there.

If you are wondering whether you should install iOS 15 Public Beta on your daily driver, make sure to check the iOS 15 Beta App Chart Compatibility list on Reddit. Looks like most VPN apps have problems with the Beta and also some banking apps, so double check if you are using those before installing.

However, from the feedback, most apps look to be working fine, including major Australian banking apps. Whatsapp, which had a big issue back in earlier iOS betas, looks to be working great as well here.

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