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Amelie’s Cafe HD Review – learn how to manage a cafe on an iPad

Amelie's Cafe HDEver wonder of opening a small cafe? Amelie’s Cafe HD may not be the best app to teach you how to own and manage a cafe, but at least you can have fun while virtually managing your own cafe, staffs, and customers.

Amelie’s Cafe HD is a new cafe/restaurant’s management game for iPad from Alawar Entertainment, Inc (you may have known about the developer from some of their iPad game reviews here); a fun yet challenging game to master.

In Amelie’s Cafe, you will be playing as Amelie, a super woman who has to do it all solo. She has to take orders from the customers, telling specific chefs to start cooking (or making drinks), delivers the orders back to the customers, and also keeping the chefs’ working area pristine clean. Thankfully, you are here to the rescue with your finger (and at times, fingers).

Amelie's Cafe HD Review -  comic

To control Amelie, press a customer or a chef using your finger and Amelie will go and do a specific task. For example, touching a new customer will grab his/her order, etc. You can queue (or chain) these commands to make things running smoother and quicker. Chaining these commands also gives you bonuses so make sure you queue them up as frequently as you can.

Amelie's Cafe HD Review - gameplay

Chain bonuses appear at the bottom where you play some sort of a mini-game to match 3 or more similar bonuses for instant help such as restoring the patience of the customers, and so on. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that each customer has a patience level and depending on the type of customers, they can react differently. So it’s your job to make sure that you serve the cranky lady first compared to some others.

Amelie's Cafe HD Review - customer typeAmelie's Cafe HD Review - upgrade staff

Overall, the game is fun to play and the graphic is cute. There is a sense of rush though when you play the game so these frantic moments unfortunately degrade the fun a little bit. Rather than enjoying the sceneries or animations, I need to constantly monitor things and poke my iPad screen non-stop here and there. I guess this is part of the game, though. You can totally enjoy yourself on your own pace but you will not be getting the Expert medal if you ever do. Thankfully (or unfortunately?), earning an Expert medal doesn’t give you any special bonus – just to brag to others or to yourself.

Amelie’s Cafe HD provides plenty of fun, thanks to its 59 levels available to play. There are also different upgrades while you progress to the levels and more types of challenges to overcome. If you are looking for some fun with a challenge, download the lite version to have a taste of the game.

Amelie’s Cafe HD – Alawar Entertainment, Inc | Follow the developer at @AlawarMobile

Note: License provided for the review

Amelie’s Cafe HD Pros

+ Cute and gorgeous graphics
+ Fun
+ Challenging
+ Complex yet interesting (different customer types, food, etc)
+ Keep you on your toes + teach you to multitask :)

Amelie’s Cafe HD Cons

– No incentive for earning the Expert medal
– Too hectic to fully enjoy the game at times

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