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Brother brings affordable Duplex printers to your home

Brother duplex printers

I still remember a friend who paid around $500-600 to buy a printer that can do double-sided printing (duplex) and it was huge too. Printers like that were often used in a small office or business environment and there was no way I would want to pay that much for my casual printing needs at home.

The good news is, Brother has recently released three new printers which support double-sided printing for as low as AUD 150!

The Brother HL-2240D/HL-2242D, HL-2250DN, and HL-2270DW are the printers I was talking about (notice the “D” for Duplex printing). These monochrome laser printers are suited for homes and small businesses – as they are affordable for home usage which doesn’t normally require a high printing output. Thanks to the duplex printing support, you can cut down costs for buying extra papers by half (well, on average, if you always turn the duplex printing on when you print).

The printers are quite compact too (from the photos) compared to most duplex printers in the market and able to print around 24-26 pages per minute (ppm). The high end model, HL-2270DW, is also wireless so you can share the printer easily with other family members.

If you are just looking for the cheapest duplex printer available, though, you might want to pick the HL-2240D/HL-2242D. It can still print up to 24 pages per minute (ppm) but why don’t you add another AUD 50 to get a wireless printer?

RRP PPM Duplex Network Wireless Supports
HL-2270DW $199 26 Y Y Y TN2230/2250
HL-2250DN $179 26 Y Y TN2230/2250
HL-2240D/HL-2242D $149 24 Y TN2230/2250


Source: Press release from Brother

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