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AdSense – Microsoft version

I’m sure Microsoft will hate me for comparing their new advertising program with Google AdSense, but almost every blogger knows about AdSense. Therefore, it will be so much easier to put that in the title, as it has answered almost all questions you are going to have.

So Google has its Google AdSense, Yahoo has its Yahoo’s Publisher Network, and now Microsoft is entering the market with its Microsoft’s adCenter Publisher Program.

It will be somewhere similar with AdSense and Yahoo’s Publisher Network, although claims are that Microsoft’s one is paying higher per click. Rumors from the forums and blogs are that they are being paid 7-10 times more than AdSense.

It sounds too good to be true and since I’m quite a skeptical person, I will not say anything else beyond these rumors! (Besides, who taught you to believe in rumors anyway?)

At the moment, Microsoft is running some closed testing for selected publishers to try out this program. If you think that your site/blog is worthy and would like to register your interest, fill in the Microsoft adCenter Publisher Program Interest Form here.

I would love to see a higher pay per click than the 5-cents-a click from AdSense. I’m currently using AdNet and have been getting 12-26 cents per click, which is lovely! I’ll make a post about it later this week and it’s going to be my second major income for this blog.

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