• Drawing Monalisa and a Car in Microsoft Paint

    These videos have been around on the web for quite some time. I’ve seen the "Car" painting video but not Monalisa yet. If you haven’t, have a look and you’ll be amazed at how "paint"-ful Microsoft Paint is.. lol but man, whoever did these deserves an applause.

  • Butterfly on a Wheel (2007) Movie Review

    A happy couple, Neil and Abby Randall, is devastated when their little daugther, Sophie Randall, has been kidnapped. What makes it more interesting is that, the kidnappers don’t want a ransom. Pierce Borsnan who plays as the antagonist, seems to have only one goal: to play around and ruin the family’s lives. The lives that…

  • Why most watch advertisement display a 10:10 (ten past ten)

    Just like a Chinese horse painting usually has 7 horses on it, a wrist watch advertisement (on TV or magazines) usually shows a 10:10 (ten past ten). Never notice it? From now on, on every watch advertisement, have a look at the time shown and you’ll find out that about 90% of the ads will…

  • Man trains turtle to do tricks

     A Florida man has spent 10 years to train a turtle to do tricks like a dog. Stay? Shake hands? No worries!    

  • Graduation Week

    Graduation Week

    Phew, there were so many graduations last week, hence the lack of updates in my blog. I’ve been busy going to graduation after graduation of my friends. More than 10 of my friends (that includes my girlfriend) on Wednesday (RMIT university), 3 on Thursday (Monash university), and 3 on Saturday (University of Melbourne). Came home…

  • Jeans West discount coupons/vouchers

    Here are some discount coupons for Jeans West. Valid until 24th December 2007.

  • Borders Discount Coupons (18th December 2007)

    Here are some more Borders Discount coupons/vouchers, valid until 18th December 2007. Grab them while they last!

  • Windows Vista & Office 2007 Service Pack 1

    Microsoft has released for public, the service packs for Windows Vista and Office 2007. The Windows Vista one are not final yet, but an RC (Release Candidate) is usually good enough for you to install and try. I wouldn’t recommend to try it in a production system though. Your call.

  • Windows Live Messenger Plus with skinning support

    Messenger Plus! has been around for years. I’ve tried it a few times but it never got me. There were just too many features that I didn’t really use in there, so I usually installed some updated versions just to see what the new updates were all about, and uninstalled it after a few days…

  • Optus and PennyTel (VOIP) Money Savings Combo

    I’ve found a quite huge savings “trick” using a combination of Australia’s Optus MyTime (FREE minutes to 5 nominated Optus mobile & landline numbers) and PennyTel (a VOIP service provider) call forwarding. This is only applicable to Australians only who are using Optus as their mobile carrier.

  • Google Map Joke

    Warning: You can only understand this joke if you ever use the Google Maps service from Google.

  • Free Windows Vista shutdown timer application

    This handy tool will provide you with an easy way to shutdown your Windows Vista automatically. If you like to listen to your music before you go yo bed, save some electricity by scheduling your vista to shut down or go to sleep mode in a few hours. You can auto schedule a logoff, hibernate,…