• Find out what’s slowing your site down

    One thing that you have to ask yourself is how fast does your blog/site load? Before you answer that, though, bear in mind that you need a good quality answer and not some vague answer. If I say to you, “Hey your site is too slow! I’ll never go there again!”, you need to ask …

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  • Microsoft Live Mesh Tech Preview Invitation

    Ever get frustrated maintaining and updating documents on your home PC, work, and laptop? Then Windows Live Mesh probably has the answer. I was invited to try out Microsoft Live Mesh (still at Beta/Tech Preview) and I can invite 2 more people to participate in the program. If you’re interested, leave a comment. First come …

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  • Virtual PC 2007 Service Pack 1

    If you are a developer or a system administrator, sometimes you need to test a few programs on different platforms to make sure that they work properly anywhere. That’s when Virtual PC comes in handy. Use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer. Switch …

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  • This site is killing the Entrecard Community!

    I’m sure that screenshot speaks a thousand word!

  • Battlefield Heroes Beta Registration

    Alright, soldier! Battlefield Heroes Beta is now open for registration! Although it’s not mentioned on its official page, you can register your interest in the closed beta through qaboss.com! If you’ve never heard of Battlefield Heroes before, feel free to read my other post first before registering your interest.

  • A new Theme.. Do you like it?

    As you may have noticed (if you come to this blog often), there has been a change of theme, from the “brown-ish” look to “gray-ish” look now :) There are still a few tweaks here and there before I can get it 100% right. However, there are only minor things, hopefully. I’m still using a …

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  • Google’s Friend Connect Beta

    Google doesn’t seem to stop creating innovative things in their hands. This time, it’s called “Google’s Friend Connect”. In one sentence (I hope I can get this right), it brings readers’ attachment and interactivity to your site/blog. And of course, it will also bring traffic, if used correctly (this should get your attention :))

  • Entrecard now supports multiple blogs!

    Own a site or a blog but you don’t know what Entrecard is? Then you have missed a lot :) To get an introduction on what Entrecard is, please read my guide about it here. To those who know about Entrecard, they have just made a few updates to the system. Entrecard now supports multiple …

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  • Mozilla Firefox 3 RC1

    Mozilla has released its RC1 (Release Candidate 1) of its browser, Firefox, not long ago. I was excited, since I was a Firefox fan. I said was, because I like Safari’s font rendering. It makes the fonts bolder, smoother, and easier on the eyes (although some people will say otherwise). However, the ocassion of 99% …

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  • Joke: How to ask your boss for a salary increase

    It’s weekend. I usually try to post something fun (a joke or a video) which is suitable for a relaxing post reading on the weekend :) So here is a good one that I got from a friend.

  • Death Note Movie Review

    Have you ever read Death Note Manga (Japanese comic) or the Anime (Japanese animation) version? Death Note is a book, dropped by a Death God (Shinigami) to the earth. Any person whose name is written on the book will die. The cause of the death can also be written and “directed” on the book itself. …

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  • PC Games: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

    It’s been a while since I’ve played Rainbow Six Vegas (the first one) on my PC. I was still using my old video card, GeForce 6600GT back then with low to medium graphics settings :) It was quite a cool game but got repetitive afterwards. Find an enemy, hide, and shoot from your hide-out. Go …

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