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In 2017, Smartphones can last twice as long

iPhone 6s

If there is one thing you do not like on your smartphone, it must be the battery life. Most smartphones can barely last a day, especially if you are always using it to play games in between.

Thankfully, a company called SolidEnergy has managed to produce a revolutionary, rechargeable battery that can produce the same amount of power as an iPhone battery, but only at half a size.

Or put it the other way: with the same size of an iPhone battery, the new battery from SolidEnergy will offer double battery life.

The batteries are no longer in prototype stage and have even been tested in a real iPhone 6. We are not sure which smartphones will be getting this in 2017 but let’s hope that every new smartphone released in 2017 and beyond will take advantage of SolidEnergy’s new technology.

Source: Metro

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