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WD goes fast with the Black NVMe SSD (M.2)

Update: Our review on the WD Black NVMe SSD is up!

We’ve covered plenty of Western Digital SSDs at Craving Tech, such as the most recent WD 3D NAND SSD or the older WD Blue 1TB. However, as fast as they are, their read/write speed are still limited by the SATA III 6Gb/s interface.

However, with storage manufacturers utilising the NVMe, such as this Kingston KC1000 NVMe SSD, the speed limiter has been broken gloriously. And now, WD is releasing the new WD Black NVMe SSD and its speed, is a force to be reckoned with in the competitive storage market.
WD Black NVMe SSD is definitely in the top tier, delivering top performance of up to 3400 MB/s Read and 2800 MB/s Write Speed. Compared to the Kingston KC1000 I’m using (2700 MB/s Read and 1600 MB/s Write Speed), the difference is quite night and day! It’s the performance you’d want to have on your Gaming Desktop PC, or on a rig where you are doing many photo and video editing.
The M.2 drive features a new NVMe architecture and controller that optimally integrates with Western Digital 3D NAND. It’s definitely designed and manufactured to maximise performance with advanced power management, durability, and also endurance. It’s available in 3 storage capacity: 256GB (A$169), 512GB (A$325), and 1TB (A$609). The drive offers a five-year limited warranty and will be available to purchase by mid-April 2018 in select Western Digital retailers and e-tailers.

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