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USB Vacuum Cleaner (Black Silver) Review

 I bought this USB Vacuum Cleaner (black silver color) from DealExtreme a few weeks ago and it arrived today.

Then, I happily opened up the package and tried to suck up dusts gathering on my computer desk with enthusiasm.

The price was $3.97. so I know I shouldn’t expect much from this gadget. So in a short summary, the sucking power sucks (as expected from the price). To be able to successfully suck dusts, the dust particles have to be big enough and not sticked to the surface or else it won’t get picked up by this gadget.

It has a light attached to the gadget and it helps a lot in identifying the dust particles, especially in dark and tricky places. This is supposed to clean your keyboard, but don’t bet on it. The power is quite low that you’ll just waste your time trying to clean your keyboard. There is a button to add extra power (which you need to press and hold), but even with this, its power is still terrible.

The cable is not long too, so you may need to buy a USB extension if you want to use this USB vacuum cleaner further than your USB port.

This gadget is useful though, to clean up the dusts clobbering inside your CPU box (near the fans or usually at the bottom near the motherboard). It’s fairly small and since the sucking power is not that great, you won’t accidentally do something bad to your computer.

It has a bristle brush for removing dust and also a flexible rubber for keyboard dirts (at least, it was meant for that)

All in all, if you have some money to spare and looking for pure fun, grab this one. However, I’d rather save the money somewhere else (or just use a damp cloth to clean things up!)

I’d give this gadget a 3.5/10.

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