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Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook 2015 – The new Apple MacBook (with no Air or Pro tag) still looks like a MacBook, don’t get me wrong. However, Apple has made quite some radical changes to its core components. Some changes are subtle, but they definitely change the rules of the game.

Apple’s exact marketing sentence is “It’s the future of the notebook”.

The 12″ Apple MacBook is lighter and even thinner than the MacBook Air (slimmer is the trend these days) with 13.1mm thickness (or thinness) and weighs 920 grams. It also comes with an amazing Retina Display screen, which is on a MacBook Pro, but not the Air. Most people would be happy enough to have a MacBook Air with Retina Display, but Apple doesn’t just stop there. This machine has slimmer dimensions and also a few other core changes.

New keyboard design

The MacBook 2015’s keyboard features larger keys and a new Butterfly mechanism which is more stable and responsive. It also gives consistency to typing, no matter where you press the key at (the middle or the edge of a key). Individually backlit keys also make a debut and will bring a bigger smile to your face.

New trackpad

Apple calls the new trackpad, the Force Touch trackpad. Though it looks similar to an ordinary trackpad, it’s not. Underneath the surface are new force sensors that will detect a harder press/click from a regular one. It sounds like another gesture or command that you have to memorise, but it seems to be quite useful in certain apps and situations.

It also comes with a new taptic engine that you probably can’t describe with words. You just have to give it a try in real life to be able to feel the difference.

MacBook Retina screen

No fans

The new MacBook has been redesigned so that it doesn’t require a fan to keep it cooled. With the amazingly low-powered Intel Core M dual-core processor and no moving parts, it runs silently yet deadly. Sure, the Intel HD Graphics 5300 may not let you run the latest games at maximum, but you still have lots of power to run some cool desktop apps.

A single port

A single USB-C (a new universal connectivity standard) port is all you can find on the new MacBook. It’s a one port to rule them all. It can be used to charge the machine and with the right adapter, can also function as a USB 3.0, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA port.

The only problem is, you do need to buy and carry one (or multiple adapters) before this becomes a universal standard. So, prepare to throw more cash away as you add this new beauty into your shopping cart.

Apple MacBook 2015 comes in 3 colors that we are all familiar with: Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. The question is, should you pick the same color as your iPhone 6?

MacBook colors

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