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After I realize how my hosting, LunarPages, increased its storage and bandwidth limit to “unlimited”, I was wondering how tough the competition must have been on the hosting service world.

I stumbled across a web hosting search site, named :). This site is probably THE Google of Web Hosting. It’s so easy to search and find the best hosting solution for you. Back when I was searching for the best hosting in 2001, I searched for the Top 10 web hosting and started from there. If only I knew this site exists back then, I could probably save more time in finding my best host.

How to Search for the hosting that suits you

First of all, select the hosting plan category:

Afterwards, select the features that you need by ticking on several options such as:

  • Minimum storage capacity for your needs.
  • Minimum bandwidth that you need per month.
  • Preferred location of the server (currently North America and Europe).
  • Features of the hosting plan (PHP, Databases, Blogging platform required, etc).
-click to enlarge-
-click to enlarge-

What I like best, however, is the “results bar” at the bottom of the screen. As you tick and choose your hosting features and requirements, the results are updated live. You can also click on the “Show Matches Now” to see the results. Nifty.

Looking for unlimited storage & bandwith? Not that many, it seems
Looking for unlimited storage & bandwidth? Not that many, it seems

If you click on the show results button, your search results will be presented in a table-like manner:

You can also sort the results by clicking on the column headers. This way, it’s much easier to sort them based on the cheapest monthly price, for example. Of course, cheapest doesn’t mean the best and vice versa :)

You can also click on the “Review” link to see the summary of the Host, along with some reviews and specifications on the hosting plan that you searched for. Or simply click on the Package link and you’ll be redirected to the host’s package page. Quick and easy.

If you just want to find the list of cheap web hosting without going through the tick lists and searches, you can always go straight to the cheap web hosting list. It’s the quickest way to find your best hosting package.

Apart from the quick cheap web hosting shortcut, there are also other quick lists of WordPress hosting, ECommerce hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and Dedicated server hosting on the site.

Searching for a web hosting can never be easier, thanks to!

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