Goodbye, Grandma


Just got an SMS from my sis today that my grandma has passed away :(

She was in a critical condition on the hospital for a few days and somehow the doctors diagnosed that she got a lung cancer out of nowhere.. She couldn’t breathe by herself and she was in a comma for some time..

The funny thing is that I was told that she was getting better. How I was surprised to receive the SMS at work today :(

I love her so much and I always remember how she took care of me when I was a kid. I still remember she used to bathe me and play with me. I also remember the day when I fell down the stairs at home when I was a kid. I cried and she was there to comfort me and asked me to play cards to stop me from crying.

I was so lucky to have her in my life and at least I could see her last year on her 87th birthday for the last time. She always asked me when I would get married because she wanted to be there on my wedding day before she left us.. I was sad because she has to go before she can see me get married but I guess God has a different plan for her. At least she doesn’t have to be in pain anymore and can rest in peace..

I just wish that she can read this blog post and find how much I love and remember about her.. Gonna miss you, grandma..

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