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Tesla Model Y announced – a more affordable mid-size SUV

The world is still waiting for their Tesla Model 3, but Elon Musk cannot just sit still. Today, he made a live announcement and unveiled the new Tesla Model Y.

If Tesla Model 3 is the affordable or budget version of the Tesla Model S, then Tesla Model Y is the affordable or budget version of the Tesla Model X SUV.

The new, compact SUV has two versions: standard and the more superior with longer driving distance. The long range Tesla Model Y has release date of next year (year 2020) with pricing starts at US$47,000 and can travel up to 482 kilometers.

The more budget friendlier version allows you travel up to 370 kilometers, which is still not bad. This has a release date of 2021 unfortunately with pricing starts at US$39,000.

Tesla Model Y can fit 7 people in the car, definitely perfect for the family plus having more extra space for friends and dogs.

It’ll be interesting to see how many people would let their Model 3 reservation go and opt for the new Model Y instead.

Note that these release plans are for the U.S. It’ll be some time before we know when they are going to ever make it to Australia.

After installing solar panels at home recently, I’m more and more confident that EV (Electric Vehicle) is definitely the future.

The Verge has uploaded a 3-minute video of the Tesla Model Y unveiling event today. Worth a look:

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