Tesla Model S vs Ford Mustang GT Drag Race – Who would win?

I own a Tesla Model X which offers crazy fast acceleration even on the Long Range model without what Tesla calls “Ludicrous Mode”. But the Ford Mustang GT is not to be sneered at either (make sure to check out our review/coverage on Ford Mustang).

While this is not exactly an electric vehicle vs ICE (Petrol) test, it shows that you are not supposed to look down on electric vehicles. They are fast, have a long range, and usually come with more features. My most favourite part is being able to get OTA (Over The Air) update to my Tesla through Wi-Fi, which adds more features and updates to the car as months go by.

Cars that get more valuable after time passes? Yup, only Tesla does that currently.

Tesla Model S can reach 0 to 100KM p/H in 2.6 seconds, compared to the Mustang’s 4.6 seconds. While you can pretty much guess who won, it’s cool to watch them go head to head in this Tesla Model S vs Ford Mustang GT video below:

The race was held as part of Australia’s first Electric Vehicle Time Trial Series, founded by digital brokerage platform, Stake, in partnership with the Tesla Owners Club of Australia.

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