Tesla Model 3 Refresh spotted pre-launch!

Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam – Tesla Model 3 Refresh? Tesla continues to create waves in the ever-changing world of electric automobiles with its unique designs and technology improvements. Recent spottings of a refreshed version of the hugely popular Tesla Model 3 have fueled speculation about an impending debut.

The Tesla Model 3 refresh is anticipated to attract both electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry analysts alike, thanks to its elegant appearance, expanded amenities, and probable performance increases. As the excitement mounts, let’s get into the specifics and see what this next edition of the ground-breaking Model 3 got.

Tesla Model 3 refresh Spotted

A Tesla Model 3 refresh prototype codename “Project Highland” was recently seen, indicating the impending release of an improved version of the hugely popular electric vehicle. The sighting comes at a time when Tesla appears to be reducing its existing Model 3 inventory, heightening anticipation for the upcoming release.

The prototype, which was found in California, differs significantly from the current Model 3 design. These changes include a redesigned front fascia with thinner headlamps and a broader grille, a new back bumper, and revised alloy wheels. Inside the car, a revolutionary entertainment system takes center stage, aimed directly toward the driver for increased convenience.

The Kilowatts, well-known electric car enthusiasts, recently made an unusual finding on California’s busy roadways. Their sharp eyes were drawn to a strange project known as “Project Highland.” The much-awaited Model 3 update, according to Ryan Levenson, a knowledgeable member of The Kilowatts, is expected to launch in the approaching third quarter, according to Brooke Crothers of Forbes.

Although Tesla has yet to formally declare a launch date for the Model 3 update, industry sources predict it will enter the market in 2023. The upgraded model will almost certainly come with a price hike, owing to increased material and component prices that Tesla has been dealing with.

Without question, the Model 3 has established itself as Tesla’s flagship vehicle and has played a critical part in the automaker’s sustained success. The next redesign is expected to reinforce Tesla’s supremacy in the electric car market, ensuring its competitive edge in this quickly expanding sector.

Credit: Hector/TikTok

In December, automotive enthusiasts and Tesla followers alike were buzzing with excitement when sightings of a tightly disguised Model 3 prototype emerged from the streets of California. The existence of this mysterious car further fanned rumors that Tesla was getting closer to revealing an improved version of its famous Model 3.

The deliberate use of substantial camouflage on both the front and back of these prototypes made it difficult for astute observers to distinguish any particular improvements or additions to the Model 3 design.

However, excitement peaked in April when a leaked picture revealed an unparalleled peek of the upcoming Model 3 facelift. This stolen picture provides the much-anticipated opportunity to clearly see the planned improvements in all their glory!

The newly observed prototype of the next upgraded Model 3 featured camouflage on its front and back, hinting that these regions will vary from the present version. The objective of this camouflage appears to be to disguise the distinguishing taillights and headlights that clearly distinguish this revised generation of the Model 3.

Credit: The Kilowatts

Notably, this prototype incorporates the cutting-edge Hardware 4.0 cameras seen in all of Tesla’s recent car launches, with the exception of the current Model 3. According to recent reports, Tesla looks to be dumping its existing Model 3 inventory in advance of the upcoming release of the upgraded version. The fact that the reductions being provided are just for “new inventory vehicles” rather than bespoke orders is indicative of this liquidation.

Customers who submit purchases through Tesla’s website may receive the new Model 3, while those who choose the discounted new inventory vehicles may receive some of the leftover units from the current generation of the Model 3.

Wrapping it All

Finally, as recent spots imply an impending debut, the excitement around the Tesla Model 3 facelift has reached new heights. Tesla, which already has a solid reputation for its electric automobiles, continues to push the frontiers of innovation and design.

The updated Model 3 offers even more interesting features and enhancements, cementing its position as the industry leader in electric vehicles. As the world waits for the formal debut, it’s apparent that Tesla’s devotion to sustainability and cutting-edge technology will attract fans and potential purchasers alike.

Source | Via Forbes

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