Technology at rescue: How software can ease management

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Note: This is a guest post written by Dan Martin

Handling many people in an organization can be hectic and tiresome. It involves consistent engagement and checks to ensure everything is in order. One needs to keep tabs on the workers, events, and several tasks to run an organization smoothly. 

Fortunately, association membership management software comes to the rescue. This efficient software helps store numbers, names, and email addresses. It also helps store donation amounts, specifications, and any essential information about everyone associating with your company.

Before settling for any association management software, look for functionality, ease of use, fair price, and excellent support.

About Association Membership Management Software

An association membership management software provides associations, clubs, non-profits, and membership organizations with different functionalities. These functionalities help them manage their members and their interactions better.

You can use the software to store data,  communicate with members, organize events, generate mail lists, track donors and members’ interests, and send mass emails.

Examples of companies that provide software management software include Eventbank, Memberclicks inc, Wishlist, Member365, among others.

Most software vendors offer free trials to prospects. Check on the aspects like kinks and bugs before you decide to commit monthly or yearly. Depending on the organization’s needs, you can opt for a free or a paid option.

Why do you Need Membership Management Software?

If you wonder if the software is necessary, it boils down to preferences. For instance, if you handle a team of 10 members and don’t anticipate growing the numbers soon, you might not need it.

However, if you handle a large team and want an easier time managing operations in your organization, it is best to opt for one. The following are some of the benefits of using the AMS: 

[1] Efficient Tool to Save Time!

It can be challenging to manage time with several tasks at hand. Membership management software allows flexibility by scaling and automating most processes. Tasks that manually take several hours to complete only take a couple of minutes, leaving you with time to engage in other activities. 

[2] Focus on Creating Value

Most organizations focus on managing existing membership rather than adding value. They struggle to keep old members rather than acquire new members.

However, you can streamline your operations with association management software and save time. This helps you focus on retaining, engaging, and acquiring members.

All of this promotes growth. The software essentially allows you to eliminate many hurdles that stunt an association’s growth. It equips management with better tools that facilitate growth.

Softwares should have technical and in-house support teams to help you out when an issue pops. This way, you are guaranteed to benefit from the software fully.

[3] Provide Insight into Member Behaviour

Working with a software platform helps you understand members’ requirements, behaviors, and expectations. AMS helps you tackle different things right from event management, tracking contact information to managing event registrations.

It helps track interaction across each engagement effort. It gives you a glimpse of how the people respond to different aspects and assists you in identifying new opportunities to drive the engagement even further.

[4] Become More Responsive to Members’ Needs.

This software automates routine administration tasks and streamlines tasks that were once complex. Instead of navigating complex programs, work processes become easy.  This leaves management with lots of time to manage other otherwise missing aspects.

[5] Helps With Budgeting

AMS incorporates lots of features under one umbrella. Instead of paying for different tools separately, you pay once and get all the benefits. With the software, you can have a low and predictable cost model. This boosts your confidence as it eliminates any hidden fees during budgeting.

Aspects to consider when Choosing Association Management Software

Before settling for any association management software, you need to assess features that serve you best. Most prices differ depending on the number of members you plan on storing. Also, they differ depending on admins who have access to the software and the number of emails you plan to send out per month.

Here are some of the things to consider before choosing software:

  • Automatically updates profiles when membership dues are cleared
  • Process online fees donations and payment
  • Easy to use search, sort, filter, and group all members and administrative privileges
  • Ability to control and manage contact database
  • A detailed member portal allowing members to check their accounts through smartphones, tablets, or an internet-capable device

Other details to consider include:

  •  Email marketing
  • Reports and spreadsheet  merging
  • Survey management
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media integration
  • Job boards
  • Event management

You can keep track of donors and members or obtain new ones and track their donations and spendings with the correct functions. 

You can get all these features with both free and paid options. Opt for one with the best reviews, best features for the cost, and the best customer care options.

Softwares should have technical and in-house support teams to help you out when an issue pops. This way, you are guaranteed to benefit from the software fully.

Best features of Association Management Software

An association management software directly influences member satisfaction. Thus, it is best to pick an easy-to-use, effective and engaging one. If you are  researching for new software, here are some of the features that you need to consider:

Single sign-in

Having this feature eliminates the need for extra passwords. Also, it can be used together with other AMS systems.

Ease of Use

Both members and administrators would benefit more from a program that requires little technical support. This boosts productivity rates.

Data Website Connection

A web-based software ensures there’s a real-time connection to a website. It enables a  single hosting location to store event calendars, membership directories, news articles, and other resources.

Reporting features

The reporting features should allow you to create and send reports to be analyzed. Automated software that automatically sends a member history to the accredited body means there is no need for manual compilation or reporting.

Fully Integrated Member Profiles and Financial Integration

The profile should integrate roles, rosters, membership status, and credentials. It’s also essential to find management software with integrated capabilities to help you get accurate financial reporting.

Wrapping Up

An effective association management software should add value to all the members. It needs to be easy to use and have all the proper functions. Before buying any software, ensure you test it to ensure it’s the right one for you.

You will easily manage and eventually grow your association with the correct software.

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