Stickman (a.k.a Happy Kids) Webcam Review

HappyKids Stickman WebcamI’ve bought this webcam a long time ago but I’ve decided to buy another one for my sister back home last week. So I thought I’ll share it with you guys here.

It’s a very affordable webcam with good image quality ($13.77 including FREE shipping from DealExtreme).

DealExtreme sells gadgets and other useful items cheaply and provides FREE shipping.

The webcam has a unique look to it (goodbye to the boringness of round-shaped webcams!) and will certainly spice up your desktop set-up at home :)

It has an image capture button on top of the camera, so whenever you feel like capturing a screenshot of yourself, feels free to do so as there’s an easy access to it. Don’t expect the same quality as your digital camera though! Screenshot Button

The webcam itself has flexible arms and legs, so you can adjust it to different poses to your liking.

It doesn’t have a power button though, so to turn it off, you need to unplug it from your USB slot. Or if you use the webcam frequently, you can simply just cover the lens up.

The packaging is very standard, just a box containing the webcam and the driver CD. You MUST install the driver though, whatever Windows you are using as it won’t be automatically detected and has the driver installed. So keep the CD handy or at least make a backup of it in case something has gone wrong to the CD!

Webcam Box Webcam Box Contents

At its price, you’ll get a cute and adorable webcam, without any extra features or effects built-in onto the webcam. You’ll need to use your own microphone as this webcam doesn’t come with a built-in one.

I never regret buying this webcam. If you don’t require fancy thing for a webcam, grab this one :) If you do, then go for the Logitech or Microsoft ones. Although I’d rather use the money on buying other stuffs from DealExtreme :D

You can also browse for other webcams at DealExtreme if you don’t like this one:

Cute Webcam Cute Webcam     Cute Webcam

DealExtreme gives you FREE Shipping on any item in the shop. Because it’s free, you’ll have to wait for 2-3 weeks before you can get your items, though. I’ve bought from them numerous times and I can assure you that Deal Extreme is not a scam site! I’ve bought from them a 64mb Playstation memory card, a toothbrush holder, a Nintendo DS screwdriver, PSP covers, USB LED lights, etc.

Some screenshots of my own Stickman Webcam at home:

Lose the driver? Don’t worry – I have it on an online file sharing, MediaFire, for you to download. Download Stickman Happy Kids webcam driver

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