Solve puzzles together in Trine 2: Complete Story for Nintendo Switch

Trine 2: Complete Story is a sidescrolling game of action with puzzles to solve and beautiful graphics to admire. The game is now available on Nintendo Switch for US$16.99 and can be played locally with up to 3 players at the same time (or online).

Trine 2: Complete Story includes the main Trine 2 campaign, along with the Goblin Menace expansion.

Three different heroes are available in Trine 2 with different skills and abilities that will get you through the world filled with puzzles, beautiful scenery, and monsters. And you’ll need all the 3 heroes (Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief) to progress in the game.

Amadeus the Wizard, for example, can summon a box out of thin air, which is very useful to go places you cannot reach, or block fire pipes so you can jump across. Pontius the Knight is your go-to hero to fight goblins but his shield is also useful to block enemies’ attacks and falling stones. Zoya the Thief can use her archery skill to take out enemies beyond reach, and access top platforms with her grappling hook.

As one hero’s skill is irreplaceable to the others, the game gives you an option to switch from one hero to the other on the fly (if you are playing the single player campaign). And if you want to progress, you have to make use of everyone’s skill most of the time.

While it is fun and require different thoughts to solve the on-screen puzzles (mostly to get you from one area to the next), I find it quite tedious sometimes to keep on switching between one hero to the next.

However, this game shines when you play Trine 2:Complete Story with friends.

The three of us were playing the game all out over the weekend, and we had fun. Solving the puzzles together and trying different stuffs were quite exciting in their own ways. We had laughs, and scratched our heads at the same time together. I think Trine 2 is clearly made to be more enjoyable when you are not playing it alone.

The game has one of the most beautiful graphics and art among other games in the same genre, and there were times when we just went “Wow”, admiring the scenery and the work that the design team has put in.

While leveling up does not feel necessary, it does allow you to unlock different skills to make your adventure easier. For example, Amadeus the Wizard can unlock the ability to conjure a plank (apart from just boxes) or levitate monster which allows him to be more active during fights.

While the game is fun to play together in a sofa and the graphics are beautiful, I find that the story is so-so. There is not much to the story really and it doesn’t keep us hooked, apart from trying to solve from one puzzle to another to get to the next area. Side scrolling design also limits the combat experience to mostly button mashing than taking a step back to discuss tactics & strategies.

Overall, Trine 2:Complete Story is a great fun, cooperative game to play on the Nintendo Switch. The gorgeous graphic is just mesmerising and probably one of the best sidescrolling games that I like.

However if you plan to play it alone, you may find it less fun and interesting compared to play it with friends on the same couch.

Disclosure: Trine 2: Complete Story review license was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid.

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