Who needs a smartwatch? This is a smartband

It is amazing how technology evolved and changed millions of life forever. Thousands of gadgets have been created for the public to avail and use. One of the trending devices circulating in the world market at the moment (coming soon) is the smartband, by Razer.

It is a wristband turned into a device where essentials of smartphones and computer are stored inside.

Razer Nabu

Razer Nabu was announced at CES 2014 recently and it also won the Best of CES 2014 Readers Award . This smart band just provides many uses that one can experience once he/she gets this device. This new innovation is surely beneficial to all kinds of people (not just gamers) in terms of data gathering, notifications from work, and your social life.

Razer Nabu customisation

Data Gathering

It gathers data from your emails, phone, and other social media network like Twitter & Facebook. You can also analyse your everyday activities such as number of steps you have climbed for the day, amount of calories you burned from your exercise, number of hours you have slept and places you have visited. All of this information can be viewed in this handy device. It has a dual screen so the generic notification is visible at all times but for the details of the notification, you can twist your wrist to reveal it (which makes it private from prying eyes).

Dual Screen

Social Life

Razer Nabu

If you are a sociable type of person who likes to meet acquaintances and friends or even meet new people, with the help of Razer Nabu smart band, your connections become easy. With the applications installed in your smart band, you can easily get and exchange social profile by just making handshakes while you’re hanging out or even get social networking accounts with just a high-five gesture.

Is it not amazing that you can do activities or make new friends with just making gestures such as handshake and high-five? With Razer Nabu smartband, your daily activities will be comfortable and accessible with the use of your hand.

Not to mention this is Razer that we are talking about here. This has great potential as someone will surely make a real social game out of this!

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