PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Which is the Best Gaming Console in 2024?

Which gaming console should I get between PS5 and Nintendo Switch in 2024? I recently came across this question on community forums. The answers people gave vary, with some gamers preferring a PlayStation while others seem to like the Nintendo.

For me, the best gaming console to get depends on what you want and need. The PS5 is a powerhouse system, with fast processing speed and vibrant graphics that bring out a realistic gaming experience. It also comes with plenty of storage to save your games locally, and you can now play games remotely on mobile devices.

But even when the PlayStation has remote gaming on a smartphone, a Nintendo Switch is the best to game on the go. It has the option to play games in three different modes: handheld, tabletop, and docked to a TV/ monitor.

While such gaming flexibility is very tempting, a Nintendo Switch has several drawbacks. The same is true for the PS5 console. And in this short guide, we’re going to break down how the two compare on the things they have or don’t have.

Verdict: Pros and Cons of the Gaming Consoles

Pros of Nintendo Switch

  • It is cheaper to get
  • So intuitive to start and operate
  • Has multiple gaming modes
  • Compact and light to carry around
  • You can play games comfortably on the go
  • Supports many local multiplayer connections
  • It also has an instant game-resume play mode

Cons of Nintendo Switch

  • It lacks graphical fidelity
  • Comes with low internal memory
  • It’s not powerful enough to run some competitive video games

Pros of PS5 Game Console

  • It’s powerful and has fast processing speed
  • Comes with plenty of internal storage
  • Offers vibrant, realistic graphics and smooth play
  • Support the latest WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Provided controllers feel studier and more comfortable
  • The system is backward compatible with older games

Cons of PS5 Game Console

  • It’s rather pricier than the Nintendo Switch
  • Quite bulky to carry and takes more space to use
  • You can only play when docked to a TV/ monitor

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Summary Specs of the Gaming Consoles

 PS5 Game ConsoleNintendo Switch Console
GenerationPlayStation 5Nintendo Switch OLED
Release Year20202021
Dimensions15.3 in x 4.1 in x 10.2 in4 in x 9.4 in x 0.55 in
GPU10.28 TFLOPS @ 2230 MHz1 TFLOPS @768 MHz
CPU8x Cores @ 3.5GHz4x Cores @ 2GHz
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/s25.6 GB/s
Storage825GB SSD64GB Internal + MicroSD
ResolutionUp to 4K at 120Hz1080p@60Hz (Docked)/ 720p (Undocked)
ControllerDualSenseJoy-Cons / Pro Controller
Supported Game FormatDisc & DigitalGame Cards & Digital
Rechargeable BatteryNOYES
Wireless ConnectivityWiFi6, WiFi5, and WiFi4WiFi5 and WiFi4
Wired ConnectivityRJ-45 (Ethernet)RJ-45 (Ethernet)
Standard 3.5mm Audio JackYESYES
USB Ports43
HDMI OutputYES (V2.1)YES (V2.0)
Bluetooth ConnectivityYES (V5.1)YES (V4.1)
Built-in NFC ChipN/AYES
 Integrated DisplayN/AYES (7 inch)
Built-in SpeakersN/AYES
Number of Controls48

Even before we dive into our PS5 vs Nintendo Switch review, you can see in the chart it’s an unfair comparison. The PS5 utilizes the latest cutting-edge tech, starting with a CPU 3.5x faster than the Nvidia Tegra X1 of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

In addition, the PlayStation has a GPU processing 9.28 teraFLOPS (Floating-point operations per second) more than the Nintendo Switch. The GPU clock speed also sits at 1462MHz faster and the RAM 12GB more.

So, there are heavy PS5 games incompatible with the Switch. And even for cross-platform games, the PlayStation console loads them super-quick, has crispier graphics, and plays smoothly without lags.

All this is not to say gaming on a Nintendo Switch is all laggish and boring. The Nintendo team has numerous collections of exclusive games built for the Switch.

Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda are some of the best first-party Nintendo Switch games. Then, there are other top titles like The Zodiac Age, Automata, Doom (2016), and Dragon Ball FighterZ from third-party creators.

Other Features & Capabilities of the Gaming Consoles

Besides the performance part, other differences between PS5 and Nintendo Switch you should know are:

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Best of Budget

Are you in the market for a cheap gaming console? The Nintendo Switch takes the point here, with the cheapest Switch Lite going for about $A370 (or $200 USD).

If you have some extra change, the Nintendo Switch 1 (2019 Release) costs around $A482.74 ($300 US) for a complete kit. The complete kit comprises the switch console, dock unit, 2x Joy-Cons, Joy-Cons Grip, Joy-Con Straps, plus HDMI cable and AC adapter.

A Nintendo Switch OLED will also come with a similar kit setup of eight components and accessories. However, it has the highest price tag of $A489 to $528 (or $350 USD) due to its redesigned display.

In comparison, the most expensive Nintendo Switch is still cheaper than the cheapest PS5 console. The Original PS5 costs $A680 ($440 US) for the Digital Edition and $A800 ($520 US) for the Disc model version. Then, the PS5 Slim is about $A770 ($500 US) for the Digital console and $A890 ($580 US) for the Disc Edition.

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Best of Portability

Would you like to play your games while docked at home and on the go? If yes, the Nintendo Switch is most certainly the gaming console you need. It has a compact design (approximately 4 x 9 x 0.55 inches) and an integrated 7-inch display (OLED model).

Furthermore, a Nintendo Switch lets you play games in handheld mode by sliding the (Joy-Con) controllers on the sides. You can also set the Switch Console on a tabletop for longer playtime. In this mode, you can game with the controllers attached to the Joy-Con Grip or individually wrapped on straps.

The handheld and tabletop gaming modes of a Nintendo Switch lets you carry on with your games wherever, including on flights. It’s also very handy if your household has only a single TV, a convenience not afforded in a PS5.

Sony innovated the PlayStation consolesto be played primarily docked to a TV/ Monitor. Yes, the system now supports remote gaming on mobile phones, iPads, and tablets. But this feature is not the most convenient, as remote access disconnects if the main console powers off or loses internet connection.

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Best of Gaming Graphics

Are you one of those avid gamers looking for a realistic gaming experience?  Realistic gaming is one of the best-selling points of PS5, courtesy of its high processing power and rich graphics.

In PS5 games like the new Spiderman, the characters and backgrounds look very realistic, especially if you have a high-definition display. The PlayStation Console supports a gaming resolution of up to 4K UHD at 120Hz. Thus, the videos are amazingly crispy and super-smooth.

Meanwhile, a Nintendo Switch can only output videos at a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60Hz while docked. If gaming on a 4K UHD display, this means the videos will lose some details and won’t be as vivid as with a PS5.

As for when gaming in the handheld or tabletop mode, the Nintendo Switch outputs a maximum resolution of 720p HD. Even on the newer Nintendo Switch OLED, your games only play in 720p (while undocked). However, the graphics of the characters appear deeper in color than the other Switch consoles from its OLED display.

Note: While games on the Nintendo Switch lack high graphical fidelity in PS5, they have stellar animations and gameplay. Exclusive first-party Nintendo Switch games are vivid and fun to play.

In competitive games like Witcher 3 or Batman Arkham Knight, the PlayStation offers a more immersive experience. Then again, you can’t play while traveling like with a Switch that even gives you instant resume play.

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Local Storage

A PS5 console has an internal storage of up to 1TB in the newer Slim model and 825GB for the Original release. If you prefer, this is a lot of memory space to store your favorite games and play them locally for free. You can also use the storage to install your other media apps, videos, images, et cetera.

As for a Nintendo Switch, the OLED model offers the best storage space of 64GB. The standard Nintendo Switch and Lite model has 32GB of internal memory.

In either of the Nintendo Switch, you can expand the storage with a MicroSD of up to 2TB. Thus, allowing you to download more digital games to play them locally for free without having to carry around game cards.

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Best of Battery Life

Unfortunately, the PlayStation has no built-in battery. Sony designed it to play at home docked, anyway.

The Nintendo Switch console has a  battery to facilitate gameplay on the go. If you have the updated Switch (2019) Console or the newer OLED model, a single charge offers 4.5 to 9 hours of gameplay. They both have a 4310mAh battery, which is a higher capacity than the 3570mAh battery of Switch Lite.

But even with a lower battery capacity, Nintendo Switch Lite offers 3 to 7 hours of gameplay. The exact battery life, just like the other Nintendo Consoles, depends on the game you play and the brightness of the display.

·       PS5 vs Nintendo Switch: Local & Online Connectivity

Both PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles allow you to game locally without the internet and online as well. In the local connectivity, you can play the games as an individual or pair the system for multiplayer.

To use multiplayer mode, the Nintendo Switch supports a local connection of up to eight controllers. Thus, allowing you to play with more people than the PS5 console that pairs with a maximum of four controllers.

In addition to the local connection, you can get online with both gaming consoles by either pairing with WiFi or ethernet LAN. Nonetheless, the PS5 is compatible with WiFi 6 (802.11ax), whereas the Nintendo Switch only supports up to WiFi 5 (802.11ac).

Also, only the newer Nintendo Switch had built-in Ethernet/ LAN support for wired internet connectivity. In the older base Switch, the updated (2019) console, and the Lite model, there are only USB ports for peripherals. Thus, will require a USB-LAN adapter to enable a wired internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Nintendo Switch price in Australia?

The Nintendo Switch price in Australia varies with the console model you’re getting and where you buy. If looking for the cheapest Nintendo Switch, the Lite model goes for about $A370.

The Nintendo Switch 1 (2019 Release) follows on the pricing list, with a regular price of about $A480. Then, the newest Nintendo Switch OLED is the most expensive, costing $A489 to $528.

Are Nintendo Switch games as good gaming on PS5?

In my opinion, the first-party Nintendo Switch goods are pretty good and fun to play. They have good graphics and smooth gameplay that you can enjoy at home or when traveling, with/ without the internet.

However, a PS5 has higher processing power, more RAM, and greater resolution output than a Nintendo Switch. Heavy, competitive games like Witcher 3 will be more enjoyable to play on the PlayStation console than on a Switch.

Can I play PS5 games on a Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can play some PS5 games on a Nintendo Switch. Examples include games like Monster Hunter: Rise, Overwatch 2, Witcher 3, Batman, Gunfire Reborn, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, Apex Legends, etc.

 Should I get a PS5 digital edition or a CD model?

If looking to get a PS5 game console, I’d recommend the CD model over the digital edition. The PS5 CD model brings you the best of both worlds, whereby you can play games from physical media and download digital formats.

Can I watch YouTube videos on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can watch YouTube on your Nintendo Switch once connected to the internet. All you just need is to sign in to the eShop and search for YouTube. Then click “free download” to install the mobile app into your device.

 After downloading, you can now launch the YouTube app on your Nintendo Switch to start watching videos.

Apart from YouTube, you can download Hulu on the Switch console to start streaming your favorite movies and TV series.

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