Point of Sale on the iPhone/iPad?

pulse runit point of saleI thought that a point of sale system would be on the iPhone (or iPad), sooner or later. It came sooner than expected as I realized that a point of sale software company has already made an app available on the iTunes store, developed by RunIt.com.

A pos (acronym of point of sale) system, in case you are not aware of the term, is the one you normally see on the counter when you are shopping on a supermarket or a shop. The staffs are most likely using a pos software to scan your items, get the prices, deduct the items automatically from the inventory, print the receipts, and all that.

On the iTunes store, the app description says:

RunIt Pulse provides on-the-go access keeping you in touch with your retail stores at all times. RunIt Pulse allows the user to view the sales statistics, top selling item, departments, and graph sales.

So I guess it may not be a fully pos software yet but it’s getting there. I think it’ll be a while before we can see a store fully loaded with the iPads on the counters (and using an iOS application).  Or perhaps it has already been out there? Do let us know if you ever see one.

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