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The first thing I wanted to do once I got my iPhone 4 today was to protect it as much as I can, of course. A screen protector is a must, to protect it against scratches.

Both GlareGuard and ScreenGuard are products from PADACS to protect the iPhone 4 screen AND also the back casing together.

PADACS GlareGuard protects the iPhone 4 with the main focus of an anti-glare protection whereas PADACS ScreenGuard focuses more on having a triple layer of protection to prevent heavy scratches.


Each package contains:

  • A screen protector
  • A back casing protector
  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cleaning tape


Instead of the traditional screen protectors with 2 “pull me” labels, PADACS is using a different approach. After applying the protector, you need to stick the adhesive tape to help in removing/peeling the second layer:



I’d still prefer the traditional method but I found that you don’t really need to use the adhesive tape to pull the outer layer out if you want. The adhesive tape made the process much simpler though.

The one that I chose to use on my iPhone 4 was the ScreenGuard. It’s funny how the screen protector looks quite thick but it felt natural to see and use my iPhone 4 screen as if there is no screen protector on it. The controls and the screen quality do not suffer at all from this screen protector. The screen still looks crisp and extra clear. I could not see any “rainbow” effect on the screen with the ScreenGuard on.


The back casing protector is applied the same way and it also has a couple cut-offs for the back camera and the flash:


I’ve heard how cheap iPhone 4 cases can produce some flash bleed so I was a bit skeptical that the back casing protector would do the same thing. So I tried a couple of shots with the Flash but thankfully there was no such thing with the PADACS ScreenGuard.

It makes the back of the iPhone 4 a bit shinier though and to be honest, I’d still prefer to have my iPhone 4 without (somehow it looks sexier). However, if you are scared of scratching the back of your iPhone 4, then PADACS ScreenGuard will protect it well.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the PADACS ScreenGuard. It adds the core protection needed for every iPhone 4 and the quality of the screen does not degrade whatsoever with the screen protector on. The packaging also includes an anti-scratch back casing protector which can be considered a bonus when you buy either the ScreenGuard or the GlareGuard.

PADACS ScreenGuard | PADACS GlareGuard

Note: Samples provided for the review

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