Office 2007 Service Pack 2 on the move, a must to install

microsoft office 2007 box If you have installed Microsoft Office 2007 products in your computer (MS Word 2007, MS Outlook 2007, etc), there is a good reason you should stop reading this post now and download the service pack 2, recently released by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 fixes more issues but most importantly, the latest service pack update promises a performance improvement in certain areas. I definitely love how my Microsoft Outlook 2007 starts much faster now!

Some list of improvements:

  • Built-in PDF/XPS output (no longer need to install the extra add-in)
  • Performance and responsiveness of the office products.
  • RSS improvement in Microsoft Outlook. Previously Outlook could go to a crawl while it tried to sync with the RSS sources.

To find out on Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 change log, check out the SP2 list of changes and improvements on Microsoft KB953195.

To download Microsoft Office 2007 SP2, go to Microsoft official download page for Office 2007 SP2.

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