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Oberon Design iPad Case review


With so many iPad cases available from different vendors, Oberon Design stands out with a very unique and beautiful cover design. There are many iPad covers to choose from and all of them are beautifully hand made. According to the Product Care info page, Oberon Design’s products are made to last for a long time. There were about 15 different designs for the iPad cases when I wrote this review and each normally has a few color alternatives.

Honestly, I was having trouble picking the iPad case for me to review, as they are all look really good!

Oberon iPad Case

After a few hesitations and suggestions from friends, I picked the design called the Tree of Life:


It is very easy to see the quality of this cover when you have it in your sight. Just by looking at it (and touching it), you can already tell the quality and love being poured into this iPad case. There is also a very nice smell of real leather coming from it.

The case overall is quite thick which gives ample of protection for your iPad without being too heavy. However, because of this, the case is quite stiff to fold it all the way through.


The artwork is beautifully embossed onto the front and back cover of the iPad case. I was worried that I would ruin the artwork if I folded the case way from the front to the back. I didn’t dare to do it at first but after watching the video from Oberon Design’s team, I didn’t hesitate any more. As the Brendan Smith in the video mentions, you will not ruin the cover or the artwork even if you fold the case. I could confirm that this is true because I’ve been using the case every day for several weeks and the case still maintains its beauty. There are no noticeable folding marks appearing on the case at all.

It includes a matching pewter button and it varies, depending on the design that you choose:


This pewter button is responsible to tightly secure the iPad cover with the help of a high grade bungee cord – tight, elastic, and strong:


Opening the cover, we can see how the team has added 2 extra protections to the screen: a soft pad covering the iPad screen and an extra removable thin sheet between the soft pad and the leather surface.



Again, what amazes me is the extra care and thoughts by the Oberon Design team in making sure that the case looks beautiful inside out without sacrificing the protectiveness of the case.

The Oberon Design iPad case utilizes 4 corner straps to securely hold your iPad. I prefer this design because it retains the iPad’s beauty looks compared to some portfolio cases. It’s pretty easy to put the iPad on it and another bungee cord is used on the top right to tighten the iPad. Once securely tighten, the iPad would not bulge or worse, slides off from the straps.

All the iPad buttons and ports are accessible and you can even charge the iPad without having to take it out of the case.

If you fold the front cover to the back, you’ll get a nice angle, perfect to be used on a desk for typing using the iPad on-screen keyboard. It even works well on my lap as I type a summary of the sermon every Sunday at church.


The drawback of this feature is that it feels awkward if you want to use your iPad in portrait mode while on the desk (with the front cover folded like the one above). This design was definitely made only for Landscape typing/usage.

There is also a nice additional feature on the Oberon Design’s iPad case. Using the extra “hidden” bungee cord, you can transform the case into a stand, perfect for viewing movies.



It also works in Portrait mode (Yay!):


Although it’s not quite straight forward, I found that the process was easy once I got the hang of it. It’s a bit tricky, but after watching the video I mentioned earlier on the post, it was quite simple in practice.

iPad Case by Oberon Design Review Conclusion


As you can see from the screenshots, the iPad case by Oberon Design looks remarkable, unique and elegant. The artwork is embossed on real leather and all cases are actually hand-made by the team at California. Simply by looking and touching the case, I can clearly feel the love and the material quality of the case. My iPad is securely tightened inside the case and well protected by the thickness of the cover and also the double layers of protection inside the case. Even if the iPad falls on the floor, it is in a safe distance inside the case and will not come in contact with the floor.

With a built-in slanted surface to type on Landscape mode and also the movie viewing mode, the case is a great all around case to have – beautiful, easy yet secure to open/close, and also provides decent protection to your iPad without sacrificing the aesthetics at all. The Oberon case also makes the iPad looks like a simple journal/book and shouldn’t attract too much attention (although the case itself does attract lots of attention with its beautifully embossed artwork design!)

The official video from Oberon Design:

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Note: Sample unit provided for the review

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