Need a fancy iPhone/iPod dock? Go all out!

Calypso Crystal DockBrowsing for a new dock for your iPhone/iPod? Why not go all out and check out the dock at CalypsoCrystal – a high quality crystal dock, specifically handmade and handcrafted in Europe. According to the information page, it takes days and more than 15 people to actually produce a single CrystalDock! The end result? A beautiful piece of gadget, luxury in its own way.

There are 4 crystal docks at the moment with the price ranged from 199 Euro to 349 Euro for the limited edition. There is also an iPad stand currently under construction. There’s a chance that I might be getting the iPad crystal dock review unit to be sent over when they are ready, so stay tuned for the news!

It’s geeky and luxury combined, if you have the money to appreciate the beauty.

crystal iphone dockAll CrystalDock products are made from perfect crystal glass.
Handcrafted and handmade in Europe.
Manually cut and polished.
Fitted with specially designed dock connectors.
Designed to perfectly fit your iPhone 3G and 3GS (of course each CrystalDock is also suitable for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch).
Carefully inspected and manually packed.

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