My First Google AdSense Check

After months of learning about blogging, writing in English, Google AdSense’s placements, etc etc, I’ve finally received my first check from Google. I know a lot of people didn’t take that long for their first check, but I’m surely happy that all my hard work didn’t go in vain!

My Google AdSense Check

This is still the first step and the road is still long. I still don’t have enough traffic to apply for a good CPM program that pays you per 1000 impressions. More useful and great posts are needed and more extra work is necessary.

Rather than focusing on the money side, I guess I should focus on growing my blog’s traffic even more. However, it’s good to know that my blog’s hosting expenses are fully covered and who knows if one day I can afford getting a custom design and also a dedicated hosting for this blog :)

This is not a money making blog, so I’m not going to try to convince you or teach you how to earn money, but if you own a blog or a site, why don’t you try putting some Google AdSense (advertisements) on yours as well? Who knows.

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