Look, Ma, no hands!

Moto X
Image courtesy of Motorola

The Moto X smartphone from Motorola delivers a fully functional Android phone without any swipes necessary (well obviously you still have to at some point, at least when you need to set the phone up).

Assembled in the USA, the Moto X responds when you utter the magic words “Fus Ro Dah” “OK, Google Now”, followed with a set of voice commands.

The phone can also be trained to recognise your voice to make sure that voice functionality does not get triggered accidentally (or purposely) by the people around you. Obviously, without uttering “OK, Google Now”, you won’t accidentally make the phone to do something you don’t want it to.

With the Touchless Controls feature, the phone always listens, even when you turn the screen off. Search for cooking recipes while your hands are busy stirring chicken strips in the pan, or call a good friend without touching any button while you are driving about, or change the music it’s playing while you are busy vacuuming your carpet at home. The possibilities are endless and Moto X will always be there, ready to help out.

Or perhaps when your hands are busy massaging your loved one? Check out the funny official commercial below from Motorola about the Touchless Control feature:

Disclosure: Video sponsored by Motorola

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