Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc Case review

IMG_2439Most iPhone 4 cases leave the screen exposed to bumps or scratches. Or worse, if it falls to the floor, you can say goodbye to your iPhone 4’s screen. The Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc case uses an extra front panel protection design (like my old HTC phone’s case), so you can keep your iPhone 4’s screen protected inside your pants’ pocket or when it’s going for a free fall to the floor.

Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc case gives a distinct look to your iPhone 4, textured with crocodile skin patterns. The exterior part is of hard surface yet a soft cushioning inside. The hard surface design makes the case quite durable and also resistant to stain or water. If you accidentally trip a glass of water to the case, you can easily wipe the case’s surface with a cloth.


It’s also available in different colors:

iPhone 4 Croc colors

The extra front panel design adds an extra protection to the screen when you don’t use it but at the same time, it adds an extra step to use your phone. When someone calls you, you need to open the front panel first to see who it is. Or if you want to have a quick look of the time or make a quick weather check, again, you need to open the front panel first. Depends on what you are after (protection vs convenience), Mivizu iPhone 4 croc case may or may not be for you.

Most cases with a front panel design would probably be using a magnetic closure or a button but Mivizu goes for a different approach. To make the case slimmer, you have to push (and a bit of lifting) the part to securely hold the front panel onto the case. It’s not as practical as a magnetic closure or a button, but this design helps to make the case slimmer.


The surface between the front panel and the rest of the case is made soft too so you can fold it all the way to the back easily. This way, you don’t have to close the front panel when you have your iPhone lying on the office desk, for example.


The cut-outs are also well designed, exposing all iPhone 4 jacks and ports (except that you cannot recharge your iPhone 4 unless if you open the front panel first.



Overall, the Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc case is quite stylish (might go well with your wallet, if you have a similar pattern) and adds an extra protection to your iPhone 4, thanks with the front panel flap design. It may or may not be for everyone’s taste because it adds an extra step to use the phone. However, if your phone always falls to the ground due to your clumsiness, then perhaps it’s a good idea to have a look at Mivizu’s Croc Case before you get the screen crack (if not already)

Note: Sample unit provided for the review. Photos taken with Canon EOS 7D.

Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc Case Pros
+ Adds an extra layer of protection (front flap panel)
+ Stylish (croc skin pattern)
+ Water resistant
+ Slimmer design without a magnetic closure or button
+ Right cut-outs for ports and jacks

Mivizu iPhone 4 Croc Case Cons
– Adds an extra step to access your iPhone 4
– Can’t charge without opening the front panel
– Closing the front panel is not an intuitive process





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