Microsoft TechEd Australia 2012, here I come!

Microsoft TechEd 2012 Australia

Thanks to Microsoft Australia, I was invited and sponsored by them to attend this year’s Microsoft TechEd on the Gold Coast, 11-14th of September. TechEd is an annual conference for I.T professionals and also developers around the world. It’s basically full of techie goodness of sessions, teachings, workshop, and… geeks like me.

With the focus of this year’s TechEd being Windows 8 and how to develop great applications for Windows 8 (among other things), there is no way that I’d say no to such a great opportunity!

Not to mention that I was invited personally by Nick Hodge from Microsoft Australia through a personal video.

Here is the personal invitation from Nick Hodge to me:

Apparently Microsoft Australia has been doing this as well to the other journalists and bloggers that were invited to come over to TechEd (which I found out today through Twitter). It’s really personal and I feel honored to be invited.

Nick Hodge is a mercurial, iconoclastic and Professional Geek with Microsoft Australia, and is a legend in the Australian IT industry – with over 2 decades of experience, he’s a lover of both software technology and cats! Nick will be hosting a tweetup around Developing for Windows 8 during TechEd, so follow along on Thursday, 13 September, 12.15pm.

If you haven’t registered for Microsoft’s TechEd (and the chance to meet @nickhodgeMSFT!) yet, get in quick to avoid missing out:

I will surely be covering TechEd at Craving Tech so don’t be sad if you cannot make it!

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