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Lost Ark Tips and Tricks of Beginner’s

Note: This is a guest post written by Maaz

Lost Ark is the latest addition to the MMO scenario due to the collaboration between Smilegate and Amazon Games. It features a combination of loot, combat sequence, engaging storyline, and beautiful graphics. If you are new to MMOs and don’t know what to do, below are some tips to help you start your journey in the best way possible to avoid any problems in the future.

Do Both Main and Side quests

Most MMOs these days will make you spend your first few hours in the game doing the main storyline quests before choosing your path. These starting quests will give you some good experience points and loot. Developers use these quests to introduce players to characters, skills, gameplay mechanics, and characters.

Between main quests and side quests, main quests feature more rewards, but you can’t do them again, while side quests, on the other hand, can be done as many times as you want. Both side quests and main quests are in the same area, and they only take a minute to complete, so take side quests next time along with main quests.

Save potions  

There are two potions in Lost Ark; one revives a percentage of your max health while the other restores a specific amount of health regardless of your maximum health. Pro players advise that you save all the potions that restore a percentage of your health for the endgame as you need them during difficult boss fights. 

The potions that restore specific health become useless in the game’s later stages because your maximum health increases as you level up. If you have got plenty of these low-level potions in your bag, you can sell them to a merchant for some silver coins and clear space for useful items.

Go for Hard Mode Dungeons

Despite their name, hard mode dungeons are easy compared to other dungeons if you go with your friends. The loot from hard dungeons is worth the effort, and you have to upgrade the gear you get from these dungeons for quite some time. Use the matchmaking feature to invite other players, and there is no level restriction.

Take Advantage of available traveling methods

Tripods and mounts are the available traveling methods in Lost Ark, with one being free and the other requiring some silver coins. The teleports traveling method lets you fast travel from one traveling point to other at the cost of silver coins. You can effortlessly find silver coins in Lost Ark, so don’t worry about spending them to fast travel on the same continent.

Mounts are your best option to explore Arkesia as you can ride them to move at a faster pace. Players get their first mount after the prologue and can upgrade it to increase the traveling speed. The sailing option is also available to travel between continents. After your first visit to a port city, you can skip the sailing process to travel to that port city using the ocean liner next time.

Reset Skill Points

Unlike other MMOs, Lost Ark lets you reset and reallocate skill points whenever you want, and it is free. This opens new doors for experimentation with different skills before building your ultimate character. Avoid the hassle of remembering skill points for each skill by saving presets to apply them with a single click.

Optimize pets

If you do everything professionally, you will get your hands on mountains of loots, and there will be a point in the game where you don’t know what to do with all that extra loot. Pets come in handy in such situations as they can pick up loot for you making sure that nothing is left behind. Upgrade your pet from the Pet menu to make them pick up a specific gear only for inventory optimization.

Claim Roster Rewards

To develop all the available characters, Lost Ark features roster leveling, which will level up all the unlocked characters on your current account. You can improve the roster level to get permanent stat boosts every time you level a character. To claim roster rewards, you need to go to the Roster menu, and the game will send you a notification asking you to collect your reward after each roster level.

Level Up Efficiently

To enjoy the true gameplay, you need to finish Lost Ark first, which requires you to level up your character as soon as possible. You can complete main quests to get some pretty good experience points and level up quickly.

Stick to main quests only at the start of the game and go for side quests when you can’t do any more main quests. Main quests will increase your overall power and strength, making it easier for you to take on high-level bosses and finish them without stress.     

Avoid upgrading your gear

Lost Ark allows you to upgrade your gear with all the resources and merge those gear levels with your new gear for better effect. This is pretty common practice among pro players, but beginners shouldn’t do this as there is no benefit in upgrading low-level gear at the start of the game.

Instead, you should take your time and collect those resources in your bag to transfer them to new gear until you have equipped sufficient gear. At the start of the game, you will get better gear by defeating enemies, which will take you through some fights.

Focus on Trade Skills

You will unlock trade skills after reaching a specific point in Lost Ark, but they become the most important skill once you unlock them. The best strategy is to level your trade skills after unlocking them to earn enough silver coins for teleportation and other stuff.

By following these tips, you will make your Lost Ark journey a lot easier and enjoy the game from a new perspective. There is still a lot that you need to learn about in Lost Ark but start with these tips and gradually make your way to the top.  

If you haven’t played the game yet, make sure to check Lost Ark out. And if you are, hope this Lost Ark Beginner tips and tricks can help you out!

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