LifeProof FRE iPhone Case – Waterproof, Snowproof, and Dirtproof

iphone 7 waterproof case

With the release of the latest iPhone 7, comes LifeProof’s FRE for iPhone 7 case which is “waterproof, snowproof, and dirtproof”.

Compared to its predecessor for iPhone 6, the case is very similar in its design. This slim case covers the entire phone from top to bottom with only a small close-able latch at the bottom to access the charging port (which for iPhone 7 is now also the headphone port).

LifeProof Case-1 LifeProof Case-2 

The screen was also protected by its integrated clear screen cover, and the home button by a thin layer of a plastic-like element so you can still use Touch ID.

Whilst all the buttons are accessible through the rubber-based covering, the ringer toggle has a slightly bigger rubber extensions to perform “reverse toggle”. Toggling the rubber to the front will turn on the silent mode, and toggling the rubber to the back will turn on the ringer mode. (I did try to access the ringer button directly but my nails ended up putting permanent damage on the rubber).

LifeProof Case-3 LifeProof Case-4

There is also a case opener ‘pick’ that comes in the box, just in case you have no coins available on your disposal to open the case once you’ve affixed them on your phone. However, I find the new case to be a lot more easier to open as I could do it with my bare hands (something that I wasn’t able to do with the previous version of the case).

I took the case up for a spin on the beach. I recorded just shy of 10 videos of waves approaching the shore and let the water immerse the phone for seconds at a time. It took less than 15 minutes.

When I tried to clean up the case from sand residue, I noticed that water has managed to come in and presented itself on the top right corner, in between the phone’s screen and the case’s screen cover. It wasn’t that much water, and since iPhone 7 is already sort of water resistant, I wasn’t that worried.

Having tested the case for its waterproof feature prior to using it (by immersing into water for 20 minutes or so, as per its instruction) and not finding any issues, I’ve got a suspicion that the case wasn’t able to take the waves that was indeed quite forceful at that time.

(FYI, I did not have the same problem with the previous Lifeproof FRE or iPhone 6 case — I did also take it to the beach but it might have been less forceful waves back then).

The integrated screen cover was proven to be a little of a drawback, especially when you already have a screen protector on your phone, which only reduces the touch sensitivity.

LifeProof Case-5

Retailing at USD$89.99, LifeProof FRE for iPhone 7 comes with a lot of colour options and is also available for iPhone 7 Plus. There are also options of purchasing belt clips, bike + bar mount, and suction mount as separate accessories.

LifeProof fre case

Check out LifeProof FRE for iPhone 7 product page for more details.

Disclosure: Sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid


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