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Laptop got stolen? Send an SMS! Huh, what?

lenovo laptop theft protection

If you have a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, then there is a new laptop theft protection feature available for you. The theft protection feature is called ConstantSecure Remote Disable. It works by sending a text message (SMS) to the stolen ThinkPad laptop which will then disable the laptop completely (it will be powered off and a re-activation key needs to be entered whenever it’s being turned on again).

If a correct reactivation key is entered, the laptop will work again as normal.

Why bother? Because your data might be more important than the laptop itself. Even if it’s just photos or personal documents, you wouldn’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. Personal information inside the laptop can be used to identify you. Confidential data can be used to bring your company down.

The theft protection is a very handy feature but unfortunately only works on certain Lenovo Laptops:

  • T400
  • T500
  • W500
  • X200
  • X200s
  • X200 Tablet
  • X301

I wish I have one so that I can try it myself :) Nevertheless, if you are thinking to buy a laptop (especially to be used for professional purposes), get one of the laptop listed above and install this theft protection right away! You can find more information on how to download and install this theft protection at SMS Kill Switch blog.

The advertisement video is also worth to watch and laugh about:

Now if such theft protection exists, I’ll definitely buy a Lenovo laptop and purposely let my laptop to be stolen :P

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