HTC One vs Samsung GALAXY S4: It’s like 2012 all over again


HTC One vs Samsung GALAXY S4 – HTC and Samsung are at it again. Last year, it was all about HTC One X vs. Samsung GALAXY S3. With the iPhone 5 not yet in the market, it was all about these two phones redefining the smartphone landscape by bringing Android to another level and making it a viable platform choice over the iPhone’s iOS.

Now fast track to 2013, and the two manufacturers are at it again. Though it is doubtful that the HTC One and Samsung GALAXY S4 will be seen as major innovations like their predecessors, these two phones still offer big improvements and are paving the way for more powerful devices in the future.

Both are about to be released soon. So what do you think is the better phone for you? Here’s a head-to-head comparison to help you out!


HTC One design

Samsung has never really deviated from their plastic like materials so it is easy to give HTC One the edge. HTC One has a gorgeous metallic unibody with no gaps, which is just so much better than the S4’s polycarbonate body.

Both have screens with 1920×1080 resolutions, though the S4 has a slightly bigger display at 5 inches. Overall, if you are basing it at looks alone, HTC One is one hell of a looker.

Winner: HTC One


S4 camera

The S4 has a 13MP rear shooter while HTC One has a 4MP one. But do not let the lower megapixel fool you. HTC One employs what they call Ultrapix Sensor, which is larger than regular sensors thus able to capture more light. Both are capable of getting great shots and both have some interesting features.

Samsung’s Cinemagraph and HTC’s Zoe allows users to record sound with the image captured like a short video. HTC One can also put together images, videos, and Zoes you have taken that day in one mp4 file. The S4, on the other hand, lets you build instant photo books. What gives the S4 a slight edge might be the dual-shot feature, which allows S4 users to take a shot from the rear and front camera at the same time.

Winner: S4 by a small margin


For $200, you can either have the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 16GB of storage or the HTC One with 32GB of storage. But the kicker here is that Samsung allows its users to expand their storage memory up to 64GB through a mini SD card slot.

Winner: S4


HTC Ultrapixel

Since both have not been released officially, it will be difficult to gauge which of the two will be faster. The US Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will both feature quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip. Though the S4 has a slight edge in processor speed at 1.9GHz compared to HTC One’s 1.7GHz, it is hard to imagine that the .2 will make much of a difference in performance.

We expect that both phones can handle most of what you can throw at them from streaming, VoIP service calls, games, and browsing.

Winner: Tie


Samsung GALAXY S4

HTC updated Sense and decluttered it. The usual clock was replaced, and the home page features what they call BlinkFeed, which works like Flipboard. The phone can also be used as a remote control though its infrared blaster works in conjunction with its TV app. All in all, HTC dialed back on the features and went for a more minimalistic phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4, on the other hand, is loaded with some interesting, if not useful, features. There’s a myriad of new things on the phone that it might take another article to get through it. But here are some of the notable ones: The S Translator, Group Play, S Health, and the Air and Eye Gesture recognition feature.

Winner: S4

HTC One vs Samsung GALAXY S4 – Conclusion

Taking everything, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the clear winner. However, it really depends on what you are looking for.

HTC obviously opted for a simple but powerful phone. So if you are into a more basic device without so much fuzz, then HTC One is a great choice. But if you want your phone loaded with the latest features, the Galaxy S4 should be the phone of choice.



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