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How to install Apple iOS 12 Beta without a Developer Account

iOS 12 Beta

If you are excited about the new upcoming iOS 12 but you are not an iOS developer or in the Public Beta, you don’t have to wait for weeks to get it. As a matter of fact, you can grab iOS 12 Beta now and install it on your iPhone X (or older iPhone).

To download iOS 12 Beta now, use the Safari browser on your iPhone to https://beta.thuthuatios.com/en/ (without the /en/ will take you to a page in Vietnamese by default). and click on the iOS 12 Beta Profile Download button.

It will install the Beta Profile to your iOS Settings. Simply accept and follow the instructions. If you already have the older iOS 11 Beta Profile, you have to remove that first before you install the new iOS 12 Beta.

I also read that Skype is still buggy so if you heavily use Skype on your iPhone, you may want to hold off until Beta 2 (assuming it’s getting a fix).

I’ve installed iOS 12 Beta 1 on my daily driver iPhone X (check out our review if you haven’t). Loving that Group Notifications and it’s probably the primary reason why I’m biting the bullet in using the beta. Well, that, and because I always want to use the latest and greatest.

Will also write about iOS 12 later in a separate article.


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